How To Warm Up A Dance Pole (6 Practical Tips)

Pole dancing during the cold season, especially winter, can be a shocking experience. It is natural to wonder how to warm up a dance pole. We’ve been there before; resting your skin on a cold pole can be jarring. But it doesn’t have to discourage you.

We’ve gone straight to the point, suggesting the practical things you can do to warm up your dance pole before the session gets underway.

1. Crank Up The Thermostat 

Colder months may sometimes demand you to crank up the furnace or heater. With your dance pole being cold, you may find it hard to concentrate on your dance moves. 

Crank up your thermostat before you start, and give your dance pole a few minutes to warm up. While waiting, get some warm-up exercises like planking, lunges, or yoga poses to prepare you for the session.

2. Use A Microfiber Cloth For Friction

Looking to save money? (UK folks, I see you!).

Get yourself a microfiber or cotton cloth and rub it along the length of your dance pole. The frequent rubbing will create friction which will, in turn, generate heat. 

If you rub the dance pole fast enough, it should generate enough heat to keep it warm and get you started.

Don’t worry; you won’t accidentally start a fire if you rub too hard.

3. Run Your Hands Through Pole Length 

Sometimes you’re just in haste to get started so you may not want distractions. Save time by rubbing your hands through the specific area you wish to hold for your first move. Doing this will surely keep your grip warm. However, your body will feel the cold sensation when it comes in contact with the pole.

This suggestion is best for dance poles at home. If in a public space, you may want to clean the dance pole before rubbing your hands through it.

Try suggestions 1 and 2.

4. Rub The Pole With The Oven Mitten

Don’t want to crank the thermostat up? Don’t have a microfiber cloth around? Get your oven mitts and get to work. The oven mitten works similarly to the microfiber cloth. Wear it and rub your covered hands through the dance pole’s length. The friction generated should be enough to warm up the pole.

5. Wear Jogging Bottom Under Pole Shorts 

Not particularly interested in exerting yourself before getting your pole dancing session underway? Wear something more cold-friendly like jogging bottoms.

You can also wear your regular gym wear under the pole shorts. This will keep your skin from touching the pole directly.

6. Slide Down The Pole Using Your Socks

Cold poles are a great way to exercise yourself and practice some moves you’ve been finding hard. Think dolphin spin, outside step, boomerang, carousel spin, or chair spin. Get your socks on and climb the pole. Slide down the pole and try some moves with the socks rubbing on your pole. Your pole should be warmed up with enough leg movement.

Please note that this can be dangerous, especially for a beginner. It is important to get a crash mat to prevent injuries. Alternatively, try suggestions 1 & 2.

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