Stripper Tips for Bloating

Don’t you just hate it when you’re bloated just before work? This could be due to your monthly cycle, diet, or other reasons like birth control.

Dealing with bloating as a stripper can be challenging, especially as you’re required to move around on the pole and remain aesthetically pleasing to make your money for the night.

Here are some proven ways real strippers have dealt with bloating at work. 

PS: Ginger is great for bloating. You can get ginger powder from Trader Joe’s and add it to your water before your shift starts. It’s got a little extra flavor and keeps your tummy in good shape.

Watch What You Eat!


I know this may sound obvious, but it’s the best way to get your body in shape and prevent bloating. Understand that bodies work differently and your body is able to process some foods differently from others.

On the subject of food, you should also avoid all high FODMAP foods before and on work days.

High FODMAP foods to avoid 

FRUCTOSEAvoid fruits like apples, mangos, pears, and watermelon. Avoid honey, high-fructose corn syrup, agave, and similar.
LACTOSEAvoid dairy, including milk from cows, goats, or sheep.Avoid custard, yogurt, ice cream, and other milk-based products.
FRUCTANSAvoid rye, wheat, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, onions, and garlic.
GALACTANSAvoid legumes like beans (including baked beans), lentils, chickpeas, and soybeans.
POLYOLSStay away from sugar alcohols and fruits that have pits or seeds, including apples, apricots, avocados, cherries, figs, peaches, pears, and/or plums.
Bloating: High FODMAP foods to avoid

Low FODMAP foods to eat before stripping to prevent bloating

DAIRYDairy products like almond milk, lactose-free milk, rice milk, coconut milk, lactose-free yogurt, and hard cheeses are encouraged in moderation.
FRUITSFruits like bananas, blueberries, cantaloupe, grapefruit, honeydew, kiwi, lemon, lime, oranges, and strawberries prevent bloating due to their antioxidant levels.
VEGETABLESEat vegetables like bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, bok choy, carrots, chives, cucumbers, eggplant, ginger, lettuce, olives, parsnips, potatoes, spring onions, and turnips.
PROTEINProtein sources like beef, pork, chicken, fish, eggs, and tofu are also good before stripping.
NUTS AND SEEDSNuts and seeds like almonds, macadamia nuts, peanuts, pine nuts, and walnuts are encouraged. However, they should be limited to about 10 to 15 if to be taken before stripping.
GRAINSGrains like oats, oat bran, rice bran, gluten-free pasta, quinoa, white rice, and corn flour are encouraged for improved fiber and bowel movement.
Bloating: Low FODMAP foods to eat

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Improve Your Gut Health  

Most oftentimes, bloating is a sign of an issue with your gut health. So, if you haven’t been paying attention to it, now is the time to take action.

Start by getting some Probiotics. They’re great for improving gut health and helping restore balance to your Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT) pathway!

PRO TIP: The good probiotics are refrigerated!

More than that, you can also consider some recommendations like:

  1. Nature’s Way Fortify Women’s Probiotics
  2. Beano Gas Relief
  3. WishGarden Herbs Badass Bitters
  4. Papaya Enzymes like Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Digestive Enzymes
  5. Love Wellness Bye Bye Bloat

Organic Bloating Remedies

Ginger is a great organic solution for bloating. You can get ginger powders from your favorite online or offline stores and add them to your drinking water before shifts. It keeps you light and ready to go.

You can also try powdered greens, however, I should warn you that it doesn’t work wonders for everyone. So, if you have a history of allergies or stomach upset, it may be best to stay away from this.

In addition, you can tweak your food intake based on the FODMAP chart shared above. 

One of my go-to food is Sauerkraut. It’s super easy to make and is great for digestion because it is fermented. 

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Take a Shit

I’m not trying to be gross but girl! Take a dump before getting on stage.

A lot of pros understand how important it is to relieve yourself before your shift starts, you don’t want it messing with your money!

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Avoid Gums and Carbonated Drinks

I know girls like to keep mint gums around to keep their breath fresh but keep it to the minimum. Trust me, your breath is almost always fresher than you think it is!

Also, keep carbonated drinks out of sight and out of your body, especially if you’re working. Drinking carbonated drinks too fast can cause you to bloat, and can mess with your entire flow throughout the night.

Save some money to make more money! Deny yourself that carbonated drink and your purse will thank you for it at the end of the night.

One last suggestion is to try Epsom Salt Bath. If all else fails, try skirts to cover your bloat up.

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