How Old Do You Have to Be to Pole Dance?

Ideally, you have to be 18 years or older to enroll in a sensual pole dancing class. Many pole fitness classes may also accept students as young as 13 years.

It is important to note that many pole dancing classes have their specific rules, including an age limit for their students or participants.

Knowing the age bracket accepted by the specific pole dancing class you intend to visit can help you decide whether you’re welcome there or not. Alternatively, you may purchase your own dance pole at home for self-practice.

How to Find Pole Dancing Classes Open to Your Age Group

If you’re under 21, finding the perfect pole dancing classes that accept your age group can be challenging. Chances are high that you’re in this category if you’re looking for information on how old you have to be to learn to pole dance.

Below are some tips on finding the right pole dancing classes for your age group.

Check Online

The first step to finding the right pole dancing class for your age group is to look online. You can leverage pole dancing forums on Reddit, groups on Facebook, or simply search for pole dancing classes on search engines. Using online directories to narrow down the nearest pole dancing classes around you can also help.

Once you have a decent number of pole dancing classes, check each one’s website to learn more about their classes and who they accept. You may need to contact them directly to confirm the specific age range they accept.

Look for All-Inclusive Pole Dancing Studios

There are different types of pole dancing classes. Some are tailored toward beginners, while others focus more on intermediates and professionals.

As a beginner, you’re better off choosing an all-inclusive pole dancing class. These classes offer you a chance to mix and match with other dancers at different levels. Relating with other dancers can help you improve your skills faster. Be sure to ask about the accepted age range.

Ask for Recommendations

Sometimes your online search may not be as straightforward as asking people around you for recommendations. Friends and acquaintances who are familiar with pole dancing may be able to suggest pole dancing classes that are fit for your age range. In fact, they may also be able to offer additional recommendations to prepare you for your first pole dancing class.

Their invaluable contribution and recommendation will go a long way to shape your final decision.

Contact Studios Around You 

The best way to know whether a pole dancing studio accepts your age or age range is to contact them directly. The pole dancing studio may be willing to make some compromises for you based on additional factors available to them.

In the end, speaking to pole dancing studios or instructors directly can get you the clear answer you need.

Check Social Media Channels

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, and Pinterest are great places to find more information about pole dancing classes. You can also visit YouTube channels to learn more about pole dancing classes, pole dancers, and pole dancing instructors. All of these can significantly shape your decision and help you to make healthy choices.

Following the tips above can help you find the right pole dancing classes taking your age group. You can also leverage available online resources like YouTube videos, Reddit forums, Twitter, and Facebook to pick some tips and tricks while you wait to meet the acceptable age range.

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