Can I Wear Pleasers as Regular Heels? Read Real Experiences

I wanted to write something about Pleasers and pole dancing shoes for a while. So, imagine my surprise when I got this email from a reader who wanted to know if they could wear their Pleasers as regular heels.

The email reads: “I’ve been wanting to buy Pleasers or any pole dancing shoes for a really long time, and I was wondering whether they can be worn as regular heels? Any thoughts?”

So, in this blog post, we will be tackling the issue. I also promise to write some more on Pleasers and why they seem to be ripping apart of late.

So, to the question –

Can I Wear Pleasers as Regular Heels?

Yes, you can wear your Pleasers as regular heels. It’s yours and you can dictate how and when you wear them. However, there are a few things I can think of, off the top of my head, that make it a not-so-great idea.

For example, if you’re big on hygiene and maintaining a clean space, you may want to reconsider wearing your Pleasers outdoors. Using them for outdoor activities other than dancing can attract grime, dirt, and dust, which can stain your space.

Also, the more you wear the boots, the faster they’ll wear out. So, if you don’t mind replacing your Pleaser shoes in a couple of months, fire away!

Another consideration is how familiar you are with walking in Pleaser shoes. You should know that dancing in your Pleasers is a lot different from walking around in them. You must be confident that you can wear them correctly and carry yourself with grace – without wobbling or falling- before attempting to wear them out.

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Real Experiences & Takes from Strippers and Pole Dancers

I’ve asked a couple of other Pole dance instructors at the studio, and they all have different takes.

“As a stripper of almost a decade … I’d never wear Pleasers outside work or the pole studio. Perhaps some of the super low kitten heels or some of the Pleaser brands/lines like Demonia, Bordello, and Fabulicious that make shoes more appropriate for everyday wear. I’d never wear them for two reasons – appearance and safety. Pleasers shoes are difficult to walk on some surfaces, which increases injury risk. Due to my long-term use of Pleasers my feet really hurt after a few hours of wearing them, so I prefer to just wear at work, pole, or special event/party/cosplay.”

“If you want to wear them, definitely go for it. Let’s be honest, Pleasers look great, so why not wear them as regular heels? I would be wearing them myself, but I’m 190cm (6’2) in them and I’m not comfortable standing out in a crowd so much.”

“You can absolutely wear Pleasers as regular heels and I do so all the time! They are as functional and durable as any other type of high heel. (Just be careful with the higher platforms. I have multiple pairs of Pleasers that are in my regular outfit rotation.”

Tips For Wearing Pleasers as Regular Heels

There’s no denying that Pleasers can be comfortable when you’ve gotten used to them. They also look great, so we get why you may want to wear them in place of your regular heels. If you’re up for the challenge, below are some tips I recommend.

Get More Than One Pair of Pleasers

If you’ve decided to wear your Pleasers as regular heels, it won’t hurt to get more than one pair of them. Dedicate one to pole dancing indoors or in the studio and others to outdoor use. That way, you can keep your indoor space clean and improve your safety as you pole dance.

Buy Original Pleasers

Now, it goes without saying that quality is always important when shopping for anything. You’ll get more out of your purchase when you buy original products and you handle them with care.

Be sure to watch out for imitations or adaptations before purchasing.

Be Comfortable in Your Pleaser Shoes

As I stated earlier, pole dancing in Pleasers shoes is different from walking around in them. Ensure that you’ve gotten a hang of walking in your Pleasers before going out in them.

So, there you have it. We appreciate all the emails we are getting from you guys. We’d try to reply to as many as possible or address your questions here for others to learn. You can use the contact form in the contact us section of this blog to reach out to us!

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