15 Best Pole Dancing Tips for Beginners

Stripper pole dancing is an incredible activity, whether you’ve taken it up for fitness, entertainment, or hobby. Getting started can be easy, especially as you can read a few guides, buy your stripper pole, and practice in private.

However, the key to getting better at it is knowing the poses and dance positions to get you going. You also need all the help you can get, especially as a newbie.

Below, we have answered some common questions in every beginner pole dancer’s mind. We have also curated the 15 best pole dancing tips for beginners to get them started on the beautiful journey. 

Where Should I Start as A Beginner Pole Dancer?

Learning pole dancing is incredibly simple. Although pole dancing or stripper pole dancing has been around for years, it’s recently gained the much acclaim it deserves.

With the hype comes plenty of online materials you can leverage. You can start your journey by watching a few YouTube videos or enrolling in pole dance classes.

Enrolling in a pole dance class allows you to get the tutelage required to master some easy and not-so-easy moves. However, if you’re the shy type, you can totally do it at home.

Preparing Your Skin for Pole Dancing 

Pole dancing involves a lot of grip and skin contact with a dance pole. This means that your skin may bruise easily or break, depending on the type of moves you’re making.

Preparing your skin and muscles is the key to avoiding injuries and sores. You can prepare your muscles by engaging in light workouts to get your heart racing. 

We advise avoiding lotions or lubricants for the skin as they can affect your grip. Beginner pole dancers with sweaty palms may need to purchase grip aids to keep their palms dry. Ensure that the grip aid is applied periodically to keep you in position.

As for what to wear, there are many pole wears to consider. However, if you don’t have one yet, wear something fitting and comfortable. The last thing you want is to feel unnecessarily exposed or compromised during a move.

What to Wear When Beginning Pole Dancing

There’s a lot to consider when preparing your body for pole dancing. First, the shoes, then the clothes. 

For the shoes, start by wearing something comfortable. As a beginner, a 12-inch shoe may be a tall order, especially as you could sprain your ankle or sustain a bad fall. You can slowly but surely improve while changing your shoes until you attain the pro level.

Remember that pole dancing requires a lot of movement and positions. It is important to put your safety first in all situations.

15 Best Pole Dancing Tips for Beginners

1. Start Slow and Be Conscious

Perhaps the best advice you can get from a professional stripper is to start your pole dancing routine slowly and build momentum over time. Remember that the moves can be challenging to master at first. It’ll take some time and a lot of practice.

2. Avoid Skin Lotion or Lubricants Before Pole Dancing

Skin lotions and lubricants can make your pole dancing experience harder than it should be. The products can compromise your grip and cause you to slip more during your moves.

A great way to practice is to get a fresh shower to remove lotion, body oil, and other products applied to the skin and palm.

3. Put Safety First

It is important that you put safety first at all times. This means checking your pole before leaning your weight on it, ensuring that you are appropriately dressed, and getting kids and pets away from the dance area.

You should also consider purchasing a crash mat to cushion falls during practice sessions.

4. Get A Qualified Instructor

Getting a qualified pole dance instructor or enrolling in pole dancing classes can significantly improve your learning experience and development. However, you can cut costs by leveraging free online stripper pole dance sessions.

You can also join online communities where learning resources are offered free or at a discount.

5. Always Wear the Right Clothes

The right clothes can significantly improve your pole dancing experience. We recommend purchasing the right pole wear to get started. However, you can also leverage fitting fitness wear to achieve a similar outcome in the interim.

6. Use A Crash Mat at Home

Crash mats are essential to keeping yourself safe and healthy during pole dance classes. The mats are great for absorbing falls and giving you a soft landing.

It is important to note that crash mats and Yoga mats are quite different. The crash mats are designed to catch your fall and reduce the chances of injuries or sores. Invest in one.

7. Join Online Pole Dancing Communities

As advised above, there are many online pole dancing communities that can offer you the help you need without subscribing to pole dancing classes or hiring a private instructor. 

However, it is important to note that you may not move as fast or get the dedicated attention you desire from these communities. Explore online platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter to find online communities dedicated to pole dancing or strip dancing.

8. Practice Regularly

Pole dancing is a game of practice. The activity is similar to your gym visits. Practicing regularly allows your body to get used to the poses, thus making you more flexible and better at your moves.

9. Focus On Form and Posture

Form and posture are two important aspects of pole dancing. It is important that you build the grace needed to perform certain moves seamlessly. 

Always remember that pole dancing is a mix of dancing, fitness, self-confidence, and sensual appeal.

10. Invest in Grip Aids

Grip aids are your best friend, especially if you’re a beginner at pole dancing. They help you maintain your grip on the pole, which is the single most important factor in executing your pole dance moves.

So, start shopping for the right grip aids.

11. Stretches and Warmups Before Pole Dancing

You’ll probably be pissed if someone woke you with a start and demanded you run a mile! Yup! That’s how your muscles feel when you skip the foreplay and jump right into the main act.

Warmups are an important part of any physical activity, whether you’re at the gym, in a Pilates class, or in a Yoga class.

Do light Yoga to get your body started, or use a treadmill. Looking for low-cost options? Run up and down the stairs a few times and do some stretches and lunges.

12. Document Your Progress

Keeping a record of your progress is one of the biggest motivations there is. Documenting your progress can mean setting up cameras to record your moves. You can critique the moves to know where to improve your poise and grace.

13. Be Consistent

Consistency is key when starting our pole dancing. Sometimes you may feel tired, but finding the motivation to continue will bring you closer to your dreams with each practice. Find your motivation and constantly push yourself to be better.

14. Take Breaks to Recover

Sometimes pushing yourself too hard can be detrimental. While being consistent with practicing is recommended, you should also be consistent with taking time off to rest and heal. 

Noticed muscle soreness or bunched-up nerves? Skipping some days to look after yourself won’t hurt. In fact, you’ll be more prepared to climb the pole the next time.

15. Drink Lots of Water

Drinking lots of water is one piece of advice you won’t get much when pole dancing. However, water helps with heat distribution and blood circulation. It can also help cushion the effect of stress and falls – if any.

So, drink lots of water to unlock all those benefits and to stay hydrated. 

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