Should You Buy a New or Used Dance Pole?

Are you in between buying a new or used dance pole? Do you find yourself weighing the odds between a new or used X Pole? You should read this blog before deciding.

You’re not alone if you’re trying to save costs yet own a dance pole at home. My first dance pole was a pre-loved one simply because I was on a budget. The difference, however, was that I got my used dance pole from my then-instructor – I was sure I had made the right choice.

But if you’re buying online, you may strongly consider your options; new vs. old dance poles and whether it’s worth the stress and hassles.

As you already know, used dance poles are cheaper than new X Poles. But is the cost savings enough reason to sway your decision, or are there other factors to consider? Find everything you should know before deciding between a used and a new dance pole.

New vs. Used Dance Pole

A new dance pole is an investment in your pole fitness and pole dancing journey. Buying a new pole lets you flexibly choose the best pole for your needs, whether a removable portable freestanding pole or a permanent dance pole. It also gives you the exciting feeling of unwrapping and breaking the pole in. However, new dance poles can be expensive.

On the other hand, used or preowned dance poles are often cheaper and have more grip. So, if you’re on a budget and struggling with your grip, this may be your best option.

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Buying a new dance pole is pretty easy and straightforward. Decide the best brand for you and order online. If unsure, read our guide on choosing a dance pole to get started.

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If you’re buying a used dance pole, you need all the help you can get to avoid fake products. You also want to make sure that you’ve bought one in pristine condition. So what do you check for, and how?

How to Buy a Second Hand or Used Dance Pole

Consider the following factors when buying a second hand or used dance pole.

Type or Model of Dance Pole

Each pole dancer has a specific dance pole type or model they’re used to. For instance, most beginner pole dancers love the static dance pole while professionals are more likely to love the spinning type. I recommend buying a spinning dance pole due to its multi-mode function. You can always switch back and forth, depending on your needs and experience.

Asides from this, you also want to consider the model of your dance pole and how suitable it is for your current living situation. If you’re pole dancing outdoors, a removable dance pole is perfect. If it’s to be installed indoors, choose a permanent or portable, freestanding dance pole.

For vaulted ceilings, look for a vaulted or slanted ceiling mount to make your dance pole suitable for indoor use.

You should also consider the brand of dance pole that most appeal to you. You can consider buying used X Poles or used Lupit Poles as long as they are in pristine condition.

The Condition

Not all pole dancers treat their stripper poles with respect and care. With this in mind, you want to ensure the pre-loved stripper pole is in good condition and can serve you for years.

If you’re buying online, I recommend finding out as much as possible about the dance pole before purchasing it. If possible, get on a video call or physically inspect the pole before payment. If unsure how to go about this, a few questions to keep in mind are;

  • How many years have you owned your dance pole?
  • Has your dance pole stayed up the entire time?
  • Are there any chips or tarnished coatings on the pole?
  • Are the threads around where the pieces connect damaged?

The Pole’s Height and Extension

Another important thing to check when buying a used dance pole is the pole’s height and extension poles. Depending on your ceiling height, you want to make sure the pole kit you’re buying has the right extension to cater to your pole’s height.

Ask the seller if they’ve got a high or low ceiling. You can also ask it they’ve got a vaulted or slanted ceiling. If the pole was bought recently, then the kit should have some extension rods that can be used to modify the pole to fit your specific ceiling height.

Dance Pole Carry Case & Accessories

The X Pole Sport comes with a free carry case, while the X Pole XPert and XPert Pro require you to buy a carry case separately. Lupit Pole also offers a carry case with their product for easy transportation.

Ask the seller if their used pole has a carry case and if it’s included in the sale. You’ll get a better deal if you buy the carry case with the used dance pole.

In addition, check that the accessories on the used pole are complete.

What Should Be In Your Used Dance Pole Kit? 

x pole sport
x pole xpert pro

The Dome: Check that the dome isn’t dented and is intact. Check that the dome’s bearing is in place and are level with the edges.

The Adjuster Rod: Bent adjuster rods are a no-no! If the adjuster rod is damaged, you’ll have a hard time winding the pole to meet your desired ceiling height.

The Base: Check for intact threads and bearings are important for the base.

So there you have it. Everything you should know about new and used dance poles and whether you should get a used dance pole. If you choose to, I hope you’ve found this blog insightful and helpful.

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