How To Install a Dance Pole on a Popcorn or Tile Ceiling

Looking for how to install a dance pole on a popcorn ceiling? 

When installing a dance pole on a popcorn ceiling, following the steps and instructions is essential to ensure that your poles are sturdy and well-balanced. 

Most times, installing a dance pole permanently could leave a circular mark on your popcorn ceiling. This is to be expected, given that you’ll be pressing down on the ground and up on the ceiling to make sure the pole doesn’t topple over.

If you find installing a dance pole on your popcorn ceiling a daunting task, we have good news for you. This guide provides you with relevant tips for ensuring that you get your pole installation right without much hassle. 

What is a Popcorn Ceiling?

Popcorn ceilings were trendy decades ago and are still used by many people today. 

Reasonable arguments can be made for their widespread acceptance and continued use, depending on your home’s design and style. 

Some people believe that popcorn ceilings have a few benefits over other paint treatments. For this reason, this ceiling surface is typical in multi-story buildings. 

No matter how much you might like or dislike the ceiling’s texture, ensure that you don’t damage the popcorn coating when installing your portable pole or moving them around. Ensure that your family or landlord doesn’t notice any cracks or damage. 

Remember that there are two popcorn ceiling varieties, each with specific pole installation requirements.

  • Standard plasterboard with popcorn texture finish. 
  • Ceiling tiles with a popcorn finish on suspended ceilings 

Can You Put a Dance Pole Popcorn Ceiling?

Installing dance poles on a popcorn ceiling is feasible. If you damage the ceiling due to improper installation, it can also easily be fixed. 

However, you can mitigate the potential for damage to the ceiling by installing a protective layer. If you don’t, you will notice that when removing the pole, the popcorn’s texture was crushed as soon as you finished setting up the bar.

Those who live in apartments with high ceilings may prefer freestanding dancing poles because they don’t need to be attached to the ceiling. 

Instead of risking damage to your own or your landlord’s property, use a pressure-mounted dance pole and cover it with a soft surface, such as carpet.

Tools For Installing Dance Pole on Popcorn Ceiling

  • A Pressure mounted pole
  • Extension poles
  • Connecting Pole
  • Set of assembling tools like a drill, staple gun, laser level, glue, and a paintbrush.
  • Top and bottom base plate
  • A piece of plywood just big enough to serve as a platform for your portable pole.

Plywood, carpet, and underlay scraps are available for free as waste cuts at hardware and carpet stores, respectively.

How to Install a Permanent Dance Pole on Popcorn Ceiling 

Installing a permanent dance pole on your popcorn ceiling may require you to drill into the stucco ceiling. We recommend using a cordless drill for this process.

Use the following guidelines to safely install your permanent dance poles on a popcorn ceiling:

1. When installing the pole, you’ll need at least two people to do it properly; one person to steady the pole as you drill holes and another to double-check that everything stays put while you work. 

You can use a laser or spirit level to align your pole properly. Alternatively, you can check how straight your pole is by measuring it against other fixtures in the room. With a good eye, you can easily detect if you need slight adjustments for a proper installation. 

2. Insert the tube into a flange at both ends, then fasten them into the ceiling and the floor using three or four screws. This ensures that the permanent dance pole is safe and secure. 

3. Ensure that the rod is straight and parallel by inspecting it from all angles. 

4. Examine the tubing’s length, diameter, thickness, and material to ensure it can support the weight you intend to apply.

The installation process requires a protective layer to protect your ceiling from damage. Added to the protective layer, use a wood filler to smooth out the popcorn surface and touch up the screw holes with paint after taking down your dance pole

How to Install a Removable Dance Pole on a Popcorn Ceiling 

Nearly all reputable home dance pole manufacturers offer removable/portable dance poles. These poles can be installed with a clamp that stretches with a vertical pressure-on twist. 

Most dancers love the convenience of having a home pole that can be easily installed, moved, concealed, or removed without leaving any traces. 

Portable stripper poles can be mounted on drywall, drywall mud, stucco, or popcorn-textured plasterboard with no issues.

Although it is allowed to install a portable stripper pole to a stucco ceiling or popcorn-textured plasterboard, without sufficient care and preparation, you may cause damage to your ceiling. Common damages to watch out for include chipping, denting, or breaking off part of the surface areas when removing the pole. 

Your popcorn ceiling may also experience structural compression due to the weight of the ceiling plate or dome. 

Therefore, you may need an additional safety layer when mounting your portable dance pole to a textured ceiling. Usually, your dance pole kit should have a protective layer. However, if one is not provided in the package, you could probably make your own using an old carpet and a square piece of plywood as previously discussed. Doing this increases the pole’s surface area. 

You can use any of the methods below for the safety of your ceiling:

  • Place a piece of old carpet right over any exposed joists or beams in the ceiling to prevent damage to your pole and textured ceiling. 
  • Alternatively, you might install your dance pole firmly and directly on the textured plasterboard and deal with the popcorn surface later.

Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Popcorn Ceiling 

The following strategies will help you prevent damage to your popcorn ceiling when installing your dance pole:

1. Declutter the Space

You may consider cleaning your entire room unnecessary. However, if you clear out enough room in your living quarters and make all the necessary preparations beforehand, setting up your dance pole will be a breeze. 

Putting in a little more time upfront to keep your workspace organized can save you a lot of time and effort later.

2. Remove Dust and Cobwebs 

A light dusting once in a while is usually all that’s needed to maintain the cleanliness of the ceiling. Be careful not to scratch your popcorn ceiling when wiping it down. Instead of using a stiff duster, try a soft one.

3. Discoloration Remedy

Dust is the usual culprit when it comes to filthy ceilings. 

As pressure is exerted on the ceiling, minute dust particles and atoms can embed themselves in the material, resulting in visible discoloration upon pole removal. 

Cleaning a popcorn ceiling might reveal unseen damage concealed under layers of dust and buildup. 

Dance Pole On Popcorn Ceiling FAQ 

Will my dance pole damage the popcorn ceiling?

There’s a high probability that part of the popcorn texture on the ceiling will get knocked off during the installation and removal of the dance pole. If you frequently install and uninstall the pole, the tendency for more loss of texture will increase. You will begin to notice marks and cracks with repeated activity. However, these damages are repairable. 

Does the popcorn ceiling affect my dance pole’s safety?

When installed on a popcorn ceiling, many people worry that the pole won’t stay put. They are concerned that when they are spinning, it might come off.

There is no need to worry about the security of the apparatus provided that a high-quality pole is used and the installation instructions are followed to the letter. 

Even when mounted to a popcorn ceiling, the pole will maintain its integrity.

How do I patch popcorn texture damage?

Patching is simple if you unintentionally remove too much of the popcorn texture. With around $10 or less, you can get spray cans, bottles, and dry mixtures of popcorn texture. Most of these products require no extra tools and instructions on how to use them are in the container. 

Final Thought 

Installing a dance pole on popcorn ceilings is generally safe. If the pole is installed correctly, there won’t be much harm to the ceiling. However, if you’re concerned that you’ll ruin your popcorn ceiling, get a high-quality portable dance pole.

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