Stripper Etiquettes Every Stripper Should Know

Okay, so I’m back again, and this time, I’ll be diving straight into stripper etiquette and the unspoken rule among dancers.

True, things can often get tough, but similar to the “Bro Code,” these etiquettes are the guiding principles of how we operate as strippers.

So, let’s dive in.

I’ve listed these etiquettes in no particular order and hope you find them useful.

Quick Stripper Etiquettes to Remember

  • Do not try to control how much your regulars tip other girls.
  • Do not approach customers as soon as they walk in the door or before they get a drink.
  • Do not grass cut or interrupt another dancer’s conversation with a customer.
  • “Coincidentally” doing a dance or going outside to smoke whenever a girl you don’t like is on stage is childish.
  • Make sure you are comfortable doing the same things in the room before inviting another dancer to do a double with you.
  • If you dance with a customer and another dancer approaches him after you finish the dance and he doesn’t tell them to go away, he doesn’t want to do another dance with you. Go away.
  • If it’s money on the floor, don’t start dancing unless you get invited by the customer.
  • No pissing in the trashcan. I don’t know why some girls do this, but Please STOP!

Strip Club Dressing Room Etiquettes

  • Don’t attempt to ask for or use another dancer’s hairbrush, makeup, deodorant, shoes, panties, or other personal items. To clarify, asking for and sharing nail glue, tampons, scissors, and baby wipes is OK.
  • Keep your belongings off the counters when not in the dressing room.
  • Don’t FaceTime in the dressing room.
  • Don’t vent to anyone in the dressing room who is just minding their business.
  • Keep your phone calls off of speakerphone.
  • Don’t be on the phone without purpose, making everyone in the room listen to your conversation.
  • Bring your own money to pay your fees, and don’t ask co-workers to borrow money for any reason.
  • If taking photos of yourself in the dressing room, make sure that nobody is in the background of your photos.

One Time Doesn’t Make Them Your Customer

So many girls do not understand the unspoken rule of being a customer.

They’re not your customer if you’ve only danced on them or been in the room with them once!

If you did a room with someone, and they come back asking for you, then of course, that’s your customer, and no girl should be trying to lay it on him.

But if you did a room with someone and they’ve been back multiple times, never ask for you, and are more than happy to speak/get dances from other girls – that’s NOT YOUR customer.

No Lotions Before Stage

I know this is common sense but again, NO LOTIONS BEFORE STAGE DANCE.

Most clubs have signs up to remind dancers of this warning, but there’s absolutely no reason you should dab on some lotions before your stage.

Not only is it dangerous for your grip on the pole, but it can also hurt other dancers. 

I’ll go out on a limb and say using pole grips are equally as bad, especially because they leave residue on the pole.

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Oh my God, the damn pole grip will be the death of me. It’s hard to sexily slide down when you can’t even slide because there is a mountain of pole grip every few centimeters. And the noise my body and the pole end up making that SCREECH sound.

Don’t Approach Customers When Stage Action is Ongoing

You know how pissed this can get you, so it’s courtesy not to approach a customer sitting and throwing money on the stage while a dancer is getting her groove on.

Courtesy demands that you wait until the stage dancer is done, or until the customer has decided to leave the stage/sitting area.

Do not do what you’ll 100% get upset about.

And oh, if you’re called over, carefully explain the etiquette and encourage them to wait till the current dancer’s set is finished. If you can’t do that, aim to sell a double dance room for you and the current dancer.

Can I get an Amen?

Don’t Wipe Your Coochie on the Pole

You’ll think everybody knows this, but it needs to be said over and over again.

Wear whatever makes you comfortable, but for your pussy’s health and others, keep your coochie to yourself!

This is not to say clubs shouldn’t wipe their poles down with rubbing alcohol and other wipes, but for the love of your vagina, keep it away from direct contact with the pole.

Do Not Grass Cut

Grass Cutting is Absolutely Upsetting!

Grass cutting is when you approach a customer while their dancer takes a break to get a drink, pee, or call the admin. You should wait until the customer is done with each dancer before approaching them to sell.

If you’re spending time with a customer and go up on stage to dance or to the bathroom, other girls should leave him alone.” This is an unspoken and spoken dancer code and should be honored by all.

Grasscutting rules here are the number one priority, and we make an effort to respect that. You’ll get a talking to by the dancer or management and will get a reputation that could affect future work as no one will want to work in with you.

Baby strippers often fall for this in their zeal to sell, but you should know that grass-cutting is frowned upon in many parts of the world, including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and many more countries.

No Long, Boring Conversations without Selling

I suppose this should be a standard practice, but you’d be amazed!

So, again, do not engage in long, boring conversations with customers if they aren’t paying you for a dance or whatever!

All you’re doing is making everybody else lose money and time. 

If you can’t sell to the customer, keep the chit-chat minimal and move along for someone else to try their luck!

Never Be Afraid To Ask For Tips 

What’s the worst that could happen? A no? A rejection? But at least you tried!

Always be confident in your ability to pull big money each night! Go out and make your requests; willing customers will tip you. 

Do Not Interrupt Another Dancer Speaking to a Customer

This is yet another upsetting thing that dancers do to themselves!

I do not care for what you have to say or how much of a bore you think the other dancer is – except in situations where they’re getting violent.

Do not interrupt another girl or dancer while they’re dancing or having a conversation with the customer. Let the customer shut them down and move to the customer only when you’re sure they’ve cleared the other dancer.

Again, I reiterate that waiting until a dancer goes on stage to approach a customer they were speaking to is petty AF! especially if they are the type of dancer who doesn’t hold customers hostage.

Also, I must add that you should not approach customers as soon as they walk in the door or before they even get a drink. It’s both tacky and overly aggressive.

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