Stripper Pole Maintenance: How To Clean Your Dance Pole

Do you hate the grip marks on your dance pole? Are you looking for how to clean your dance pole? You’re in the right place.

For a purchase that has cost you over $400, proper care and maintenance are important. Besides, not cleaning your dance pole correctly can mess with your grip and, ultimately, can lead to accidents.

We have put together the best ways to clean your dance pole. The best part is we have sectioned it based on the different dance pole materials you may have. So, whether yours is a stainless steel dance pole, chrome material, powder-coated dance pole, brass, or another, you’ll find the perfect solution here.

When to Clean Your Dance Pole?

Ideally, you should clean your dance pole before each session or after your pole dancing session. You can also clean during the sessions, especially if you’ve got sweaty palms. Doing this can significantly improve your pole dancing experience and prevent injuries.

Why Clean Your Dance Pole?

Cleaning your dance pole removes grip marks, sweat, and dirty residue on the pole. Cleaning also improves your grip and hygiene, especially if you pole in a public space. You should also note that accumulated grip marks, sweat, and other products can damage the pole faster.

Stripper Pole Maintenance: 5 Tips For Choosing Dance Pole Cleaning Products

There are many different types of dance pole cleaning products on the market. However, keep the following in mind when choosing;

  • Don’t base your buying decision solely on your budget. Consider the value before the cost.
  • Check the pole cleaning product for ingredients
  • Check if the pole cleaning product is compatible with your pole material
  • Look for caution or warning signals related to skin problems like rashes
  • Use pole cleaning products carefully.

What Do I Clean My Dance Pole With? 

There are several dance and stripper pole cleaning products on the market. Below are some recommendations to keep close

Recommended Dance Pole Cleaning Products

Pure Alcohol or Glass/Mirror Cleaner

Perfect for cleaning stainless steel poles, chrome poles, and titanium gold poles. They are cheap and great for disinfecting the hands before and after poling.


Similar to alcohol and perfect for removing grip marks and stains on stainless steel poles and titanium gold poles. Unlike alcohol, use it sparingly and do not inhale as it can cause dizziness or drowsiness. 

Wet Wipes or Microfiber Cloth

Wet wipes are great for wiping your pole before and after sessions. They can also be used for other needs, including wiping the face and cleaning up a mess. They’re a great option because they’re disposable.

Dish Detergent 

Dish detergent is a great product for cleaning your poles at home. They are mild and are perfect for all types of dancing poles, whether powder-coated poles, titanium poles, stainless steel poles, or others.


X-Clean is an X-Pole product and has been tested across a range of pole types to offer great outcomes. The pole cleaning product smells nice, removes grease and pole buildup easily, and dries faster.

Brass Cleaner & Gloves

Brass cleaners are great for pole dancers with brass poles. Best of all? They are easily available at your local convenience store.

Gloves are a great add-on for pole dancers with brass poles. This is because brass cleaners are often messy. 


  • Furniture polish
  • Multipurpose cleaning sprays
  • Bleach-based cleaning products 
  • Scouring pads or sponge

Stripper Pole Maintenance: How To Clean A Brass Stripping Pole

Brass poles do not rust, are easy to grip, and, more importantly, easy to clean.

Cleaning your brass pole can be messy, especially if you’re using a brass cleaner. But the great news is that the material itself is built to last. 

The cleaning process is simple. Follow the steps below;

  1. Get a dry microfiber cloth and wipe any dust or residue grip powder off it.
  2. Wear your glove, get a disposable cleaning cloth, and apply the brass cleaner on the cloth.
  3. Rub the disposable cloth with the brass cleaner on your pole from top to bottom if upright.
  4. Leave the brass cleaner to dry and clean the residue using rubbing alcohol, glass/mirror cleaner, or vodka
  5. Avoid using water to clean your brass pole as it can tarnish and damage it.

How To Clean Chrome, Titanium Gold, And Stainless Steel Dance Pole

Chrome poles, titanium gold poles, and stainless steel dance poles are the most popular choices on the market. The materials are versatile and built to last. 

Follow the steps below to clean these pole materials;

  1. Start with a microfiber cloth and clean the pole from top to bottom if upright.
  2. Spray your mirror/glass cleaner on the microfiber cloth and wipe the pole’s surface again
  3. Leave the pole’s surface to dry, or use an alcohol wipe to clean excess mirror/glass cleaner.
  4. Remove remnant dried stains or chalky residue with rubbing alcohol, vodka, or acetone.

Ensure that the cleaning routine is repeated frequently to avoid heavy residue buildup.

Stripper Pole Maintenance: How To Clean Silicone Dance Pole

For good reasons, silicone dance poles are a bit rare on the market. The material is different from other metallic dance poles and requires a little extra attention.

To clean your silicone dance pole, follow the steps below;

  1. Get a dry microfiber cloth and run it through the silicone pole from top to bottom.
  2. Apply a small amount of silicone toy cleaner to your microfiber cloth and wipe the pole’s surface again.
  3. Remove remnant tough stains or buildup by scrubbing a little harder. Avoid using rubbing alcohol or any other harsh chemicals.
  4. Leave the pole to air dry before using.

Stripper Pole Maintenance: How To Clean Powder Coated Dance Pole

The powder-coated dance pole is yet another uncommon material option in the pole dancing world. They are delicate and should not be cleaned using abrasive materials.

To clean your powder-coated dance pole, follow the steps below;

  1. Get a dry microfiber cloth and wipe the pole’s surface from top to bottom.
  2. Dilute a mild washing detergent, apply it to your microfiber cloth, and run it through the length of the pole.
  3. Apply some pressure to remove tough stains from the pole surface.
  4. Leave your dance pole to air dry before using.

It is important to clean your dance pole frequently and properly, especially if you wish to keep using it for a long time. Follow the steps above on how to clean your dance pole and it’ll keep looking as good as new with each use.

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