9 Types of Strippers / Exotic Dancers: Which One Are You?

Strippers are in different shades – talk about the body size, shape, complexion, background, and how they conduct business.

I’ve undoubtedly come across different types of strippers in my days, and if you’re wondering what type you are or what to expect going into the strip club, here’s the complete low down.

I’ll keep this post short – but I’ll reveal my type at the end of this post!

9 Types of Strippers You’ll Meet At The Club


Too Shy to Talk to Customers

This stripper is most likely a baby stripper or an extremely introverted stripper who needs to recharge her social battery ever so often. They sit and lurk in a corner, wondering how other girls pluck up the courage to approach customers.

The shy stripper isn’t necessarily bad at dancing or pole tricks; she’s just not confident – and would rather not get shut down by uninterested customers.

This personality can work for and against her. Some customers like the shy ones and wouldn’t mind approaching her to clarify if she’s a waiter or stripper – and that’s her cue to make some money for the night.

I call them the ambush queens!

And, oh, they never approach a customer unless they’re in pairs.

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Stage Queen

This stripper is the exact opposite of the shy stripper.

She likes to be in the eye of the audience – dare I say, she loves to trap her audience’s gaze and enjoys having their eyes trained on her.

She’s also good on stage – and silently makes other girls jealous.

Of course, she’s picked out a few faces while doing her stage dance and would happily pounce on them for a more “private show” at the end of her stage.

PS: Don’t fuck up her money or move to her customer while she’s on stage!

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Hates Stage

Another exact opposite of the stage queen. She doesn’t necessarily like being on stage or giving the show! Her specialty is moving around the club, talking to customers and milking them of their money!

She’s the true floor queen and, more often than not, one of the smoothest operators in the club.

You’ll likely not know how much she makes a night unless she opens up – best believe she’s made her bag each night (maybe twice on slow days!)

VIP ROOM Merchant

There’s always that one stripper that goes in and out of the VIP or Private room like she’s taking a nap in there. 

Of course, her sales game is solid, and she likely has a few regular customers who come into the club just for her and the private time. 

If this is you – I love this for you!

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Room Investigator

This is the curious cat. She wants to know who has gone into what room and what may be happening in the room.

A few “accidental oopsies,” and she’ll stumble into your room mid-dance – then hurriedly apologize and leave.

She’s found what she came for – to snoop on you and see what’s going on behind the closed doors.

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Here For The Free Booze (HFTB)

As the name suggests, this stripper girl is more of an alcohol fiend than a dancer. 

She’s in the stripping business to get high on alcohol and not necessarily for the dance. 

Of course, her customers know she loves to drink, so she makes the club some money by getting them to order drinks.

She’s mostly part drunk – but she can be the life of the party too.

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Always Lit – Arrives Lit, Leaves Lit

Unlike the “Here for the Free Booze” stripper, Always Lit arrives drunk and leaves equally drunk.

She’s somehow tricked herself into believing she cannot dance or put on a show without a little alcohol or drugs in her system.

She’s fun, but every other girl wishes she’d slow down and get help.

If this is you, I’m not one to judge, but I think you should truly seek help, as those drugs can be addictive.

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Backseat Princess 

Our backseat princess entered the game because she heard some girls make a bag every other night.

The truth is, her heart is set on the money; she’s just not built for the hustle.

She comes into the club wanting men to fall and trip over her, but other beautiful girls are equally as captivating on and off stage.

She’ll sometimes retire to the back of the club and may find herself hating on other hustlers.

If this is you, then you need a different approach to get your money up. Build your confidence, talk to other girls, put up a welcoming appearance, and sell like your life depends on it.

PS: She’s not to be confused with the shy stripper.

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The Therapist

The therapist has a mothering trait and doesn’t know when to turn it off. She somehow finds herself in deep and long conversations with customers – sometimes listening to their real-life problems and offering advice!

Of course, you should be a nice person, but this trait is the single biggest reason you’re not making as much money as you should be making.

Stop wasting your night only to get lowballed. You’ve got bills to pay – and you aren’t getting paid enough to be a therapist and stripper in one.

Honorary Mentions

Pregnant/Lactating Strippers

Of course, there’s always that one stripper who has recently gotten pregnant or is showing. There’s also the lactating stripper who doesn’t mind a few kinky customers who’d love to taste her milk.

Talk about different strokes for different folks!

Undercover Slut

No offense, but she’s a full-blown slut!

Oh, she knows it, and she doesn’t care. She loves to get handsy – grabbing customers and offering a little extra on the side.

While it’s okay to do this in some clubs, it sets some expectations from customers.

My advice is, confirm if you’re allowed to do extras. If yes, use protection and get checked regularly.

Oh! I remember I said I would tell you guys which one I was. Well, I was a little bit of a shy and floor girl. I was either shy on some days and sitting at the back of the club (I’ve been approached by some of the best customers on such days), or I’m all about the dance floor looking for who to sell a private room to (no extras!).

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