Pole Dancing on Your Period (Reddit Tips)

It’s that time of the month, you’re new to your pole class, and you don’t want to embarrass yourself!

We’ve all been there; the first couple of months at your new pole studio can be rough and hard. But here are some tips to help you get over that and get on the pole more confidently.

Tips for Pole Dancing on Your Period

Never Trust Menstrual Cups

If your preferred method is a menstrual cup, then you already know that sudden movements can dislodge your cup.

If you must use a menstrual cup, buy a firmer cup and double-proof yourself by adding a layer of sanitary pad to your underwear.

The sanitary pad offers an extra level of protection, collecting any leaks that you may suffer, thus preventing wardrobe incidents.

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Wear Longer Shorts

Showing some skin isn’t bad. However, you can get a little self-conscious during that time of the month.

Now is the perfect time to dig into your wardrobe for longer pole shorts. Wear something you feel more comfortable in while also safeguarding possible embarrassment. You could also go for grippy leggings or yoga leggings during your period.

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Try Tampons + Pads

Not a huge fan of menstrual cups? Proof your Tampon with sanitary pads. Of course, you’ll need your period panties to go along with it.

Take a leaf of note from pro strippers, they love tampons a little too much, and this is why!

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Stay Back if Cramping

I know the pole calls to us in all conditions, but sometimes you need to listen to your body. Stay back at home if you’re feeling cramps or just don’t feel comfortable poling during your period.

The feeling generally wears off, but if you’re feeling yucky, unmotivated, or experiencing PMS symptoms, it may be better to stay off.

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