Do You Need a License to Strip Dance in Las Vegas?

Gather around girls, especially if you’re a baby stripper or exotic dancer in Las Vegas, NV.

You need an exotic dancer license in Las Vegas to dance in clubs and any adult entertainment establishment. Most clubs will not hire you if you don’t have one, so I recommend getting it as soon as possible.

There’s not much information online about getting an exotic dancer license in Las Vegas, but I’ve done the leg work to ensure you have a detailed guide.

I’ll show you how to get your exotic dancer or stripper license in Las Vegas.

How to Get an Exotic Dancer’s License in Las Vegas, NV?

You need two things to get an exotic dancer license or stripper license in Las Vegas: your Work Card (also known as Sheriff’s card) and a Business License.

You’ll have to get those documents in the order I’ve listed: your work card first, followed by your business license.

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How to Get Your Las Vegas Work Card (Sheriff’s Card)?

You’ll need a work card referral from a club before you can get your Sheriff’s card. 

I recommend you start auditioning for stripper roles immediately. Once you’re hired, the club will give you a work card and schedule an appointment on the LVMPD website

It helps if you already know someone at the club to vouch for you because clubs don’t like to hand out referrals to people they’re not sure will return to work with them.

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There are three types of Sheriff’s cards – so keep your eyes open. In Las Vegas, the clubs require you to have either the City, County and/or North Las Vegas Sheriff Card to work. Call the club you’ve been hired at to confirm the type of work card they require and accept.

All Sheriff’s cards or Work Cards in Las Vegas cost $90. So, you should confirm which one you need before applying.

However, if you’re given three referrals (i.e. city, county, and North Las Vegas work card referrals), you’ll pay the price of one application, $90. You’ll only pay $90 each if applying for each card separately.

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What to Expect at Your Work Card Appointment

The Sheriff’s Department is open Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. I got an appointment on LVMPD website for the next day. The entire process only took about an hour to complete. 

However, if you can’t schedule an appointment, you may use the non-appointment option, but the wait time is between 4-6 hours. 

At the appointment, you’ll be required to show your documentation, including your photo ID, Social Security Number (SSN), Birth Certificate (to prove age if you’re under 25), work visa, and/or naturalization card. 

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You’ll then pay for the work card and return to the waiting area. You’ll also be required to do biometric capturing (photo and fingerprinting). You should take out your long nails before then, or you’ll be made to cut it for the fingerprinting. 

Once done, you’ll get a temporary Sheriff’s card with a 3 months validity. You’ll then be asked to come back within a week of its expiration for your permanent work card.

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You must return to pick up your permanent work card a week before the temporary card expires. If you don’t return before the expiration or lose the temporary card, you WILL have to do this whole process and pay again. 

The permanent Las Vegas Work Card is valid for 5 years.

How to Get Your Las Vegas, Nevada Business License?

Visit the Nevada Business License website after obtaining your temporary Las Vegas work card. The Nevada business license costs $200. Select Sole Proprietorship during the application, pay the fee, and you’ll get a digital certificate.

The entire process is super simple and straightforward. Email your digital license and start working.

Remember that the Nevada business license is only valid for one year.


How Much Does a Las Vegas Exotic Dancer License Cost?

All Sheriff’s cards or Work Cards in Las Vegas cost $90 per application

Should You Get All 3 Las Vegas Strip Dancer Work Cards?

Yes, because applying for all three Las Vegas Work Cards or Sheriff’s cards together will cost $90 as opposed to applying for each card separately at $90 apiece ($270). In addition, getting all three cards will save you $42.50 in background check costs.

What Documents Do I Need to Obtain a Las Vegas Sheriff’s Card?

You’ll need your photo ID, Social Security Number (SSN), Birth Certificate (to prove age if you’re under 25), work visa, and/or naturalization card to obtain your Las Vegas work card.

What’s the Validity of a Las Vegas Exotic Dancer License?

Las Vegas exotic dancer’s license is valid for 5 years. However, the temporary license is only valid for 3 months. You should return to the licensing office a week before the temporary dancer license expires to obtain your permanent work card.

Can I Work in Multiple Clubs With a Single Stripper Dance License?

You can work in multiple clubs on a single exotic dancer license unless otherwise stated by your club. The club from where you got the referral will be listed on your temporary work card.

How Many Hours Can I Work as a Stripper in Las Vegas?

12 hours. Nevada laws do not allow strippers to work longer than 12 hours in a day.

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