X Pole Reviews: XPERT PRO vs. X Pole SPORT

“Contemplating buying an X Pole Sport for my apartment, but It seems more people are buying the X Pole XPERT PRO. I need some X Pole Reviews to guide my decision. Can you help?”

We’ve all been there and know that choosing your stripper pole or dance pole can be a tricky one. I know I had to ask questions and research each product because I couldn’t afford to waste over $400 on an unsatisfactory purchase.

As one topic I’ve been meaning to tackle, now is the best time to get things going.

Should I Buy an X Pole Dance Pole?

You should buy the X Pole dance pole because it has a high resale value and is a better pole in terms of safety, brand reputation, reliability, customer reviews, and customer service. The X Pole dance poles can also support plus-size dancers over 300 lbs, making it a perfect option for everyone.

In terms of materials and finishes, X Pole dance poles come in different materials like Silicone, Stainless Steel, Powder Coated, Chrome, and Brass dance poles. This makes it easier to choose your most preferred dance pole material.

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X Pole XPERT PRO Review

The X Pole XPERT PRO costs between $389.99 and $499.99. One of the commonest questions I get asked is whether the XPert Pro is worth the extra money, and my answer is always YES!

Buying your pole from a trusted brand, especially as a beginner, has many benefits. You don’t want to hurt yourself by buying a fake pole that could cause injuries. So, if you have the budget, the XPert Pro is a fine option to buy.

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But before buying, here are some things to know about the XPert Pro.

X Pole XPERT PRO Features

  • Has both static and spinning mode
  • Has the X-lock mechanism for switching between static and spinning modes
  • Comes with extensions for easy pole height manipulation.
  • Bottom loading, so there is no need for ladders during installation
  • Great pole design and finishes.


  • Safe, sturdy, easy to install and disassemble for storage and transport
  • Perfect for all levels, from beginners to professionals
  • XPert Pole assembly does not require screws, bolts, or drilling
  • Available in 40mm and 45mm diameters
  • Available in Chrome, Brass, Stainless Steel, Titanium Gold, Silicone, and Powder Coated finish
  • Sleeker parts with minimized upper dome
  • Perfect dance pole for home use.


  • Expensive compared to the X Pole Sport
  • Slippery when new
  • Carry case sold at extra cost
  • Requires re-tightening after multiple use
  • Designed only for home use
  • Requires ceiling height between 7 ft and 9 ft

X Pole SPORT Review

The X Pole Sport is portable, easy to install, and costs between $119.99 and $189.99. It is a much more affordable dance pole compared to the X Pole XPert Pro. The X Pole Sport is great for home use and has been designed to help beginners minimize the entry barrier into the pole dancing and strip pole dancing world.

X Pole SPORT Features

  • Available in static mode only
  • Pressure mounted and helps prevent ceiling damage
  • Carry case included in the kit
  • No screws, bolts, or drilling needed to install the X Pole SPORT pole
  • Safe, sturdy, and the kit comes with an installation manual
  • Available in Titanium Gold, Chrome (40mm only), and Powder Coated finishes

X Pole SPORT Pros

  • Comes with its own carrying case at no extra cost
  • Costs less than $200 and is perfect for beginners and pros
  • Available in different finishes
  • Safe, sturdy, and easy to install and remove
  • Perfect dance pole for home use
  • Installation manual and instructional videos available

X Pole SPORT Cons

  • Limited finishes and dance pole diameter
  • Only available in static mode
  • X Pole Sports adjusts at the top and may need a ladder for adjustments

X Pole Reviews: X Pole XPERT PRO vs. X Pole SPORT

If you’re stuck between buying an XPert Pro and Sport, then this side-by-side review will help you decide which to go for.

I’ve tabulated it to make it easier to compare and contrast. You’ll also see how each one measures against the other based on some of the important factors pole dancers consider before buying their stripper pole.

So, here’s the final showdown between the X Pole XPert Pro and X Pole Sport.

FeaturesX Pole XPERT PROX Pole SPORT
Price$389.99 – $499.99$119.99 – $189.99
Static/Spinning ModesAvailable in static and spinning modesStatic mode only
Ease of InstallationYes. No ladder requiredYes. May require ladder
ModesStatic and Spinning modesStatic and Spinning modes
Carrying BagNot included in the kitIncluded in the kit
Stainless Steel
Titanium Gold
Silicone (45mm only, Black & Pink)
Powder Coat (Black, Pink, & White)
Titanium Gold
Powder Coat (Black & Pink)
Pole Diameter40mm & 45mm (except Silicone)40mm (Chrome) & 45mm
Pole Height7 ft 6” – 9 ft 1”
Extension supports up to 11 ft 10”
7ft 4” – 9 ft
Extension supports up to 11 ft ceiling heights
SuitabilityFor home use onlyFor home use only

How to Install Your X Pole XPERT Pro and X Pole SPORT Dance Pole

You can read our step-by-step guide on how to install and how to take down your stripper pole. But for specific instructions, you can follow the video below for a complete guide on installing your X Pole Xpert Pro or X Pole Sport dance pole.

I hope I’ve answered your questions with this post. You can always direct other questions to my email inbox and I’ll be happy to address them here on our blog for others in the community to learn.

Till next time… 

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