Why is iTac Pole Grip Banned in Some Studios? Alternatives To Try

I made a blog about homemade pole grip recipe some weeks ago and have gotten quite a few emails from readers about their pole studios banning iTac Pole Grip products. So, if you’re asking why iTac pole grip is banned in most studios, the answer is simple;

iTac is made from beeswax and often leaves stains and residues on the pole. The residue, if not immediately and thoroughly cleaned, can be harder to wipe off once the pole cools down.

As you can imagine, most pole dancers forget to clean up after themselves in the studio or wipe their poles after their session. This means the next person may have a hard time poling using the same pole coated with iTac residue.

As a pole dancing studio owner, repeated complaints about gross dance poles can hurt your business – especially because the pole dancing community is small and word travels fast. So, most pole dancing studios have decided to ban iTac pole grips to prevent negative experiences altogether.

In addition to leaving gross and unhealthy residue on the pole, most pole dancing classes and studios ban iTac because it can become dangerously slippery on the palms, especially for people with sweaty hands.

In comparison, pole grip products like Dry Hands By Lupit Pole Cramer Firm Grip, Anti-Slip Grip Enhancer for Sweaty Hands, and Mighty Grip Special Formula have antiperspirant effects.

Also, most pole studios ban pole grips for beginners because it is believed to worsen their learning phase. So, if the pole grip product ban is specific to beginners, then, you have your answer.

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Why Are Pole Dance Studios Banning iTac? Instructors and Studio Owners Answer!

I’ve asked a couple of pole studio owners and pole dance instructors for their reasons.

Itac is beeswax based and leaves a residue on the pole. If it’s not thoroughly and immediately cleaned off while it’s warm, it ends up drying into a hard, gross layer on the pole. It builds up on the pole quite badly over time and can become extremely difficult to remove.

Other than the residue and difficulty cleaning, it can also be dangerously slippery on the palms of sweaty hands.

It leaves a residue on the pole that is very hard to remove. The last time someone used it in class, I could see this heavy residue all over the pole from across the other side of the room. It looks like clear craft glue and is impossible to remove once dried. Super annoying for other classmates or studio staff who are left to clean it.

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iTac Reviews: What Pole Dancers Are Experiencing 

So, it seems many pole dancers do not especially love their iTac pole grip products for many reasons. Here are some of the unhappy reviews I’ve seen.

Please feel free to share yours with us using the Contact Us form. We’ll love to hear back from you too about your experience.

I bought iTac and used it in class and I swear it made my hands slippery. My pole studio will allow it, but it is not recommended. I won’t use it anymore.

I also bought the largest tub of it because I thought I read great reviews. Big mistake (with the big tub) because my hands were slippery as hell after the first try! I wonder though, for what type of hands is the iTac2 made for? Those with zero sweat/moisture? I wonder if there is a hack, like does it work with other brands, so that I can at least make use of the tub I bought😑”

Recommended iTac Alternatives For Pole Grip

As I mentioned earlier, three pole grip products I can recommend as iTac alternatives are;

  1. Dry Hands By Lupit Pole  
  2. Cramer Firm Grip, Anti-Slip Grip Enhancer for Sweaty Hands
  3. Mighty Grip Special Formula

All three products are tried and tested, are not banned from pole studios, and do not leave resin-like residues on poles after use.

I hope this post has helped you in some way. Thanks for stopping by.

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