How To Spot Fake Dance Poles

Want to avoid wasting money on fake dance poles?

It’s true that most new dance poles are expensive, so it’s understandable if you’ve settled to buy a pre-loved or pre-owned dancing pole. BUT, you could be buying a fake.

Honestly, nobody wants to discover they spent good money on a fake product. So, whether you’re buying on Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, or GumTree, knowing how to spot the real deal is important.

We’ll keep this affair short and dive into what to look for in a stripper dance pole to ascertain its quality and genuineness.


  • Never buy cheap or toy stripper pole or dance poles
  • Always read reviews and purchase from trusted sellers
  • Confirm you’re buying original products from trusted sellers
  • Consider the dance pole material and grip
  • Buy a spinning pole now and learn the ropes to avoid future upgrade costs
  • Read the article to find out some juicy details on how to spot fakes.

Spotting a Face Dance Pole & What to Look for in a Quality Dance Pole 

Wondering how to check if your dance pole is the real deal? Here is a checklist of things to pay attention to. If it’s a fake, you’ll surely be able to spot it from hundred miles away.

Rubber Quality 

Your stripper dance pole has a rubber element around the dome and base plate. The rubber should feel rubbery; that is, it should be soft and flexible, not hard and rigid.

If the rubber is too hard, chances are high that it’ll break off easily, especially during colder temperatures. A soft and flexible base plate rubber is the way to go.

You should also check for the rubber’s grip. You want a grippy rubber, and the best way to check is to place the pole’s base on a flat surface and press down. It should slide down the pole but give resistance as it slides through.

Dome Shape

The teardrop-shaped dome is another part to check when looking for a quality stripper pole. Weaker domes are often made from plastic while genuine domes are made from hard materials like metals. Get yourself a magnet to check the dome’s material.

Metal Quality 

Thin metal at the base of the pole are a disaster waiting to happen. Avoid dance poles with thin metals by attempting to dent the metal. If the metal dents easily, it’s thin and may likely be a fake dance pole. On the other hand, sturdy and hard metals will remain in place and guarantee higher safety levels during use.

Pro Tip: Get a small hammer or metal spanner. Hit the spanner against the pole’s metal and hear the sound. A light or empty sound indicates thin metal while a solid or heavy sound indicates quality metal.

Joint Strength

The dance pole’s joints are the weakest parts of its entire structure. Being the Achilles heels, you must pay attention to ensure you’re not being sold the fake one.

Older stripper poles have a threaded joint, while the newer poles, like the X-Pole, sport the X-Joint technology which holds them in place nicely.

Stay away if the threads are worn out.

Check for Plastic

Cheap poles are often made from cheap materials and are not built to last. One of those cheap materials is plastic. A plastic pole will bend under your weight and may lead to injuries.

Some fake poles have become so real-like by painting plastics in metal colors. So, check the stripper pole carefully to ensure it’s not made from plastic.

Adjusted Covers

The adjusted covers are thin and hollow. They slide over the pole and cover the extended part to secure the pressure between the pole and your ceiling. 

As you can imagine, this part is important, especially as it guarantees the hold between your ceiling and the pole. Most cheap or unbranded poles come with covers and rings that slide over the pole. These are not safe, especially as they could collapse under your weight.

Instead, look for covers that are secured using screws. The screws are a better guarantee that the pole will hold your weight and stay in position during use.

Note: As stated earlier, some low-quality poles have plastic parts painted in metallic colors. Get a magnet or test the screws to be sure they’re truly metal.

Wear and Tear

Cheap poles are highly susceptible to wear and tear. While some may hold fine, you can see that they’re already crumbling upon close inspection.

Some common problems to watch out for on cheap or fake stripper poles are metal chips and cracks. You can also look for cuts or dents. These are common indications that the dance pole may be fake and not worth your money.

Avoid Fake Dance Poles: Cool Stripper Pole Recommendations

It’s a bit unfair to reel out how to spot fake stripper dance poles without recommending a few top-quality options. So, here are some of the coolest dance poles to consider – whether new or pre-loved

Glow Pole

The Glow Pole by Platinum Stages is a great option, especially if you wish to make a statement. The 50mm dance pole is made from an acrylic shell reinforced by a metal rod – so, solid quality and build.

With LED lights creating a glowing appearance, the dance pole can be custom cut to meet your preferred ceiling height. The LED lights can be turned on, off, or its light sequence changed using the attached control box.

Hitch Pole

The Hitch Pole is a super cool option, especially if you love to get your freak on in the outdoor space. Made from the finest quality steel, the stripper dance pole comes with a ball hitch perfect for SUVs and Truck installation.

The stage-style pole is available in 45 and 50mm diameters and has a 3×3-inch platform and around 7 inches of usable pole.

It can withstand up to 200 lbs weight and is a perfect option for party buses. It can also be folded to fit into your car, SUV, or truck after use.

Wake Pole

Are you planning some time on the water? The Wake Pole is the perfect boating buddy for you. The dance poles are available in stainless steel and powder-coated material options.

The Wake Pole is designed to be installed in boats, ski boats, and select water bodies. It is super easy to set up and is removable after use. 

Cool Stripper Pole Accessories

Looking for the best stripper pole accessories to add? Here are some top picks.

Pole Silk

Accessorize your stripper pole with pole silks compatible with 40mm and 45mm stripper poles. The pole silks are great for exemplary performance and some exotic dance positions. Learn new stripper dance moves in style with this accessory.

Aerial Hoop

Jumping the hoops has never been better. The Aerial Hoop offers you the platform to test your skills and improve your core balance. It’ll leave you stronger and with better reflexes.

So, there you have it on spotting fake stripper poles and what to look for in quality dance poles. In addition, we’ve suggested some cool dance poles you may need to put on your Santa list for the year. Don’t forget to look around for more information on stripper pole and dance poles.

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