Dance Pole for High Ceiling: Your Options

“I am about to move from an apartment with a normal height ceiling to one with a 15 ft high ceiling. What’s the best dance pole for high ceiling to get?”

This is one of the emails I got over the weekend, and it appears more people are moving into homes with tall ceilings. First, congratulations! But a high ceiling should not interrupt your pole dancing journey.

I’ve been researching the best dance pole for high ceilings. As you already know, I love to bring distilled information to you. So, here’s what I’ve done.

I’ve researched some top options, including dance poles for tall ceilings by height. This means you don’t have to have a 15 ft high ceiling; you’ll find everything you need for your regular 7.5 ft ceilings for suspended ceilings, 8 ft for standard ceilings, and the ridiculously high ceilings going up to 15 ft or more.

What Is The Best Dance Pole For High Ceiling?

The best dance pole for a high ceiling is the X Pole Build A Pole which allows you to customize your pole height. The X Pole Build A Pole is recommended for ceilings taller than 12 ft and offers improved stability to suit your custom ceiling height.

You can also explore options like the X Pole XPert and X Pole Sport if your ceiling is within 14 ft.

Best Dance Pole for Apartment With Low Ceilings (Below 7 ft 5 inches)

Custom Cut Lil’ Mynx Dance Pole

The Custom Cut Lil’ Mynx dance pole is available in both spinning and static stripper pole options. The best part is that the custom cut is FREE of cost. You won’t spend a dime extra on cutting the stripper pole to the desired size from the manufacturer.

X Pole X Pert Model

The X Pole XPert is available in spinning and static modes. The stripper pole kit comes with main poles A and B, as well as other extension poles that can be used to customize your pole’s length.

Lupit Pole 

Lupit Poles are available in various sizes and heights to meet your needs. You can purchase the Classic Poles G2 Standard lock or Classic Poles G2 Quick lock. The main difference between the Lupit pole standard lock and quick lock is how fast you can transition between the static and spinning modes.

Best Dance Pole for Apartment With Moderately Tall Ceilings (7 ft 5 inches to 9 ft)

Lupit Pole

Lupit dance poles are easier to install because their joints slide together instead of locking or screwing. For this height, there are two types of finish, chrome finish, and stainless steel finish. At this height, you can also get the standard 45mm stripper pole or the 42mm option.

X Pole XPert Model

The X Pole XPert Model dance poles come with extension poles of various sizes. The extension poles make it easier to customize your stripper pole to meet specific ceiling heights. This may be a good long-term investment as you can readily modify your pole length when moving to a new house or apartment.

Lil Mynx Dance Poles

Unlike the other two, the Lil Mynx Dance Poles have a nicer and more aesthetic appearance because there are no joints or holes on the pole surface. The manufacturer also offers different finishes, including stainless steel dance poles, black powder-coated stripper poles, pink powder-coated stripper pole finishes, and others.

Best Strip Pole for Apartment With Tall Ceilings (9 ft to 11 ft)

X Pole X-Stage Lite or X-Stage Standard

The X-Stage Lite and X-Stage Standard are removable, portable dance poles with stage bases. They can be used indoors or outdoors. They are also perfect for almost any ceiling height, especially as they don’t require a ceiling mount. They’re the go-to choice if looking to avoid ceiling damage.

X Pole XPert Model 

The X Pole XPert Model dance poles offer a great quality selection and are among the most in-demand stripper poles on the market. The XPert model comes in various ceiling heights and finishes, including chrome, stainless steel, silicone, brass, black powder-coated, and pink powder-coated stripper pole finishes. The highly versatile stripper pole also comes in different sizes, from 40mm to 53mm.

Lupit Pole

Lupit dance pole is available in heights up to 10 ft 5 inches. This may be a great option if your ceiling is within the height bracket. As one of the main contenders of the X Pole, Lupit Poles also come in different finishes, including chrome and stainless steel.

Best Strip Pole for Apartment With Very High Ceilings (Above 11 ft)

Buying a dance pole for high ceiling above 11 ft may require a custom order. However, here are the top choices.

Portable Freestanding Dance Poles

You can buy any portable freestanding dance pole for your high ceiling. These dance poles come with a stage and do not require a ceiling mount. They can also be moved outside for people who love to perform in their yards, on the beach, and in other outdoor areas.

X Pole XPert Build A Pole 

The X Pole XPert Build A Pole allows you to build your own pole to fit your ceiling height. The good thing is you can buy any of the available finishes, including chrome, brass, and stainless steel stripper poles. The Build A Pole option is available in 40mm and the standard 45mm stripper pole size.

X Pole X-Stage Lite or X-Stage Standard 

Similar to the portable freestanding dance pole diy, the X-Stage Lite and X-Stage Standard are great options for homes with high ceilings. They do not require a ceiling dome, are easy to assemble and take down, and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Lupit Stage

Lupit Pole has also responded with its version of stage poles to cater to mobile strip dancers and pole dancers. The Lupit Stage pole is available up to 9ft 6 inches in height but only in the stainless steel finish and 45mm standard stripper pole size.

I hope this has helped clear your doubts and narrowed your options for dance poles for high ceilings. I’ll be in my email, sorting through it and answering some more questions in the next blog.

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