X Pole vs. Lupit Pole: Which is Better & Why?

X Pole and Lupit Pole are undoubtedly the biggest names in the dance pole and stripper pole industry. Both brands are known for quality dance and stripper poles, so choosing between them can be tricky, hence the X pole vs. Lupit Pole comparison.

This post compares both fitness poles like-for-like, helping you to better understand where each one edges the other. Rest assured that our review of both dance pole manufacturers is unbiased and aimed at helping you make a satisfactory purchasing decision.

Ready? Here’s how the X Pole and Lupit Pole measure against one another.

Lupit Pole vs. X Pole

The main difference between the X Pole and Lupit Pole is that X Pole is known for their fast delivery, cheaper and stable dancing poles, and variety of finishes, while Lupit Pole is known for their excellent customer service, smooth spinning poles with firmer grips, and lightweight design.

Ultimately, the decision between the two brands comes down to your individual needs and preferences. We recommend buying the X Pole dance poles if you’re on a budget or want a faster delivery timeline or Lupit Poles if you’re looking for lightweight, spinning stripper poles with firmer grips, and excellent customer service.

Customer Service

As the leading brands in the industry, both X Pole and Lupit Pole offer excellent customer service. However, many customer reviews show that Lupit has better customer service with helpful staff.

X Pole vs. Lupit Pole Review

X-Pole used to have excellent customer service in the past; however, many customers have complained about how the company handles customer complaints and requests. In addition, many X Pole customers have complained about credit card misuse, which points to compromised customer data.

X Pole vs. Lupit Pole Customer Review

Dance Pole Spin

As you already know, X Pole and Lupit both offer static and spinning dance poles. However, Lupit spinning dance poles are better because they spin smoother and better. Lupit’s improved spin is due to the higher quality of dance pole materials and finishes.

While Lupit Poles have better and longer spin due to a lower coefficient of friction, the X Poles are not too bad but may need to gather momentum before achieving the desired smoothness.

Weight and Stability 

Most X Pole products, especially the stage poles, have larger and heavier podiums which makes them feel more stable than the Lupit Poles. 

Lupit poles are mostly lightweight, which may make them feel a little wobbly or cause them to fall when used by plus-size pole dancers. However, most Lupit pole falls can be attributed to incorrect installation or loose fittings.

Dance Pole Quality and Durability

Both X Pole and Lupit Pole offer great quality stripper poles made from high-quality and durable materials. However, Lupit Poles have a better quality and durability reputation in the pole dancing community.

Dance Pole Finishes

X Poles are available in various finishes, including Brass, Chrome, Powder coated, Silicone, Stainless steel, and Titanium finishes. The Silicone, Stainless Steel, and titanium finishes are the most expensive in the X Pole lineup, while the Chrome finish is the cheapest.

Lupit Pole offers only three (3) finishes, including Chrome, Powder Coated, and Stainless steel finishes. Lupit Pole has also noted that its latest Chrome dance poles are 100% Nickel free, making them a great option for pole dancers with nickel allergies.

Learn more about the pros and cons of each dance pole finish in this article

Dance Pole Prices

In terms of dance pole costs, Lupit Poles are generally more expensive due to the higher quality of materials and durability offered. However, the cost difference between Lupit Pole and X Pole is small and may not be a huge deciding factor if budget isn’t an issue.

Shipping & Delivery Timeline 

X Pole usually processes orders, ships them, and delivers them faster to US customers. Lupit, on the other hand, offers a slower delivery timeline, with customers stating an average of 6 days.

Customers in Europe may get faster delivery from Lupit Poles, especially because the company is based in Europe.

With that said, European customers will get a faster delivery from Lupit Pole, while US customers will get the fastest delivery from X Pole.

Static and Spin Modes

Both the X Pole and Lupit Poles offer a great way to easily switch between static and spinning modes on the dance pole.

The X Pole offers an X-Lock technology, while Lupit Pole offers a Quick Lock technology that makes it easy to switch between both modes.

Ease of Installation and Portability 

Both the X Pole and Lupit Poles are easy to install and take down. Although the Lupit Poles are more lightweight, X Poles offer sturdier stages.

Both brands also offer portable dance poles that can be carried around.

Read on how to install your dance pole and how to take down your dance pole. If you have a popcorn ceiling, here’s a guide on how to install your dance pole on a popcorn ceiling without damaging it.

Our Verdict?

There’s no going wrong with either the X Pole or Lupit Pole. Both brands offer great dancing experiences, quality materials, and a promise of durability.

The dance poles can be installed at home DIY, are competitively priced, and deliver pretty quickly, depending on where you are.

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