Your X Pole Slipped & Fell? Why & How to Fix It

X pole, Lupit pole, or any dance pole can slip and fall for different reasons. Common reasons include loose adjuster bars, ceiling damage, temperature changes, or floor problems. 

Irrespective of the cause of your X pole or dance pole’s shift and fall, it can be dangerous, especially if you were performing dance tricks when it happened.

So, I’ve taken time to address many of the common reasons your X pole or dance pole may shift and fall, as well as what to do.

Why Did My X Pole Dance Pole Fall?  

Common reasons for your X pole or dance pole falling include;

  • Improper installation 
  • Ceiling damage
  • Too many extensions
  • Temperature changes 
  • Floor damage

So, I’ll address each cause and how to fix it below.

Improper Installation 

You’re likely dealing with an improper installation problem if your dance pole’s dome is coming unscrewed from the ceiling or slipping from the ceiling during use. 

This problem is common when the adjuster bar on your dance pole is not tightened enough to create adequate pressure during installation.

The problem could also be due to improper tightening of the locking nuts or screws during installation.  

Carefully examine the locking nuts and screws to ensure they are tightened in the right location. Also ensure that your adjuster bar is locked in tightly to create enough pressure between the dome and your ceiling to avoid slips and falls.

As a precaution, you can purchase a crash mat to place around your dance pole to brace falls.

Ceiling Damage

Dance pole ceiling damage is a real concern among strippers and pole dancers with a home pole. 

Weak ceilings, especially, put you at risk of dance pole slips and falls. This is why I advise that you inspect your ceiling properly before installing your pole.

If your ceiling is damaged, causing the fall, we have a resource on repairing dance pole ceiling damage to help you get ahead of the problem.

Too Many Extensions

Too many extensions on your X Pole or dance pole can predispose it to integrity issues, especially when they aren’t tightened properly.

As a rule of thumb, I recommend checking your dance pole every 30 minutes during heavy sessions if you have more than two extensions installed.

This can help you time your sessions, breaking them into bits and routines while also safeguarding your health. You’ll be able to pinpoint problems before they happen and hopefully fix the loose pole before it comes crashing down.

Temperature Changes

Your dance pole and building often react to temperature changes by contracting and expanding. The contraction and expansion can sometimes cause your dance pole to slip from its position, thus putting you at risk.

I’ve come across many people complaining about their X Pole dance poles slipping and falling during the winter or colder seasons.

Floor Type and Damage

Carpet floors are notorious for giving a false sense of tight installation. The carpet compresses and settles over time, leaving a few centimeters of space between your ceiling and the dome. Read our full guide on installing dance poles on carpet floors for some tips.

In addition, floor damage could be a culprit. Floor damages could be due to anything, from a sinking foundation to an undetected water leak. It can cause your home or studio floor to lose its integrity, sink, and compromise the pressure between your dance pole and the ceiling.

Unlike the other problems above, this isn’t something you can easily detect on your own or fix. You may need to further investigate the signs of foundation problems, like sticking doors, sinking or creaking floors, basement water problems, etc., to confirm your suspicions.

5 Tips for X Pole Dance Pole Slips and Falls

  1. Check your dance pole every 30 to 45 minutes during sessions to ensure it’s stable and steady.
  2. Prioritize correct dance pole installation. Read our guide on installing your dance pole at home.
  3. Watch out for temperature/weather changes and retighten your dance pole as needed.
  4. Consider purchasing a ceiling mount (if you want a permanent dance pole).
  5. Put masking tape on the ceiling to mark the edges of your dance pole dome. It’ll alert you to slips and shifts.

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