How To Install Dance Pole On Slanted, Sloped, or Vaulted Ceiling

Planning to buy your home dance pole but wondering if you can install it on a slanted, sloped, or vaulted ceiling? I’ve got good news for you.

Many pole dancers do not have control over the ceiling type in their homes or apartments. Some have sloped, vaulted, or slanted ceilings; others have tall or short ceilings. The good news is you can install your dance pole anywhere. In fact, you can opt for a non-permanent, portable dance pole if the conditions aren’t too favorable.

However, I understand that most pole dancers want the reassurance of having their poles connected to the floor and ceiling. This is why I have made this post to guide you through installing your dance pole or stripper pole on a slanted, sloped, or vaulted ceiling.

Let’s get started by answering the biggest question on your mind.

Can I Install a Dance Pole On a Slanted, Sloped, or Vaulted Ceiling?

Yes, you can install a dance pole on a slanted, sloped, or vaulted ceiling. Top dance pole and stripper pole manufacturing brands like X Pole and Lupit Pole offer accessories like vaulted ceiling mounts that make new or existing dance poles compatible with slanted or vaulted ceilings.

Please note that the ceiling mounts are available at extra costs and can be purchased separately.

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Vaulted Ceiling Mounts for Slanted, Sloped, or Vaulted Ceilings

As I stated earlier, you’ll need to purchase a vaulted ceiling mount to use your dance pole on a slanted or sloped ceiling. The accessory can be bought separately if you have already purchased your pole or are moving houses to one with a slanted ceiling. Otherwise, you can order the vaulted ceiling mount together with your dance pole.

However, one major drawback I’ve noticed with the vaulted ceiling mount is that it is permanently fixed to your ceiling. This means you cannot remove and reinstall the vaulted ceiling mount whenever you take your dance pole down.

The good news is that it is neither unsightly nor does it scream “stripper pole” when not in use. So, you’re in luck if you don’t mind a little added decoration to your vaulted ceiling.

So, should a vaulted, sloped, or slanted ceiling be a deal breaker for you?

As a pole dancer, a vaulted ceiling isn’t necessarily a deal breaker when house hunting. In fact, a vaulted ceiling can be a great addition to your indoor space. It gives your home a different look, adds space, and improves ventilation.

Buying Your Vaulted Ceiling Mount: Available Options

Ready to commit to your vaulted or slanted ceiling? Here are the top vaulted ceiling mounts you may want to consider. Remember, I recommend buying your vaulted ceiling mount from the same manufacturer as your dance pole. It is always best to pair brand to brand, as this offers the best experience.

Trusted brands selling the vaulted ceiling mount accessory are;

X Pole Vaulted Ceiling Mount

X Pole Vaulted Ceiling Mount
X Pole’s Titanium Gold & Chrome Vaulted Ceiling Mounts

The X Pole Vaulted Ceiling Mount costs $119 in the US. The Chrome vaulted ceiling mount costs £109.99 in the UK, while the Titanium Gold costs £119.99. The ceiling mount is available for 40mm and 45mm diameter poles for the X Pole XPert and XPert Pro poles. It is not suitable for the X Pole Sport poles.

Please note that the mount doesn’t come with screws or bolts. You should order those separately or buy them from your local convenience store.

Installation Instructions:

Install the ball mount on a solid ceiling or a beam/joist of at least 100 mm width. The vaulted ceiling mount can also be installed on trusses and I-beams using the truss plate or beam plate, respectively.

You will need to purchase the beam plate or truss plate individually.

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Lupit Pole Slanted Ceiling Mounts

Lupit Pole Vaulted Ceiling Mount
Lupit Pole Slope Ceiling Mounts
Lupit Pole Sloped Ceiling Mount

Lupit Pole’s slope ceiling mount costs $129.99. It is easy to adjust, made from high-quality material, and compatible with most Lupit Pole products, including the LUPIT Home Pole classic and Diamond G2 dance poles.

The manufacturer has recently updated its product to offer a new and improved joint system for improved pole performance in static and spinning modes, a new and improved surface finish for better grip, as well as a newly improved and environmentally-friendly product packaging.

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Installation instructions:

  • Check the desired installation location on your ceiling to ensure there are no electrical wires, water lines, gas lines, or other dangerous obstacles.
  • Mark the holes to be drilled on the ceiling using a pencil, chalk, or any clear staining material.
  • Fix screws into all four holes on the LUPIT Pole slanted ceiling mount and tighten appropriately.
  • Install the ceiling mount directly on your vaulted concrete ceiling. If using other ceiling types, confirm the ceiling strength and need for reinforcement.
  • Once installed, carefully tighten your pole on the slanted ceiling mount. Over-tightening the pole can compromise or damage the vaulted ceiling mount.

So, there you have it. I’ll be back soon with answers to any more questions you may have about pole dancing, stripper poles, and everything in between.

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