Installing Dance Pole in Garage? Everything You Should Know

Not everybody has the luxury of space. We all won’t install our dance poles in our rooms, home gyms, or basements. So, if the garage is the perfect space for you, then so be it. But what should you know when installing a dance pole in garage space?

Your garage is in a lot of ways similar to your basement. If you’ve ever had a pole in your basement, then you’re aware of the possible moisture issues and the coldness during the winter months. I’ve had a pole in my garage before. I’ve also had one in a basement at my former apartment. I hope this article answers any questions you have about installing your dance pole in your garage.

Can I Install a Dance Pole in My Garage?

Yes, you can install your dance pole in your garage or anywhere else in your home. The garage is a perfect space for your dance pole, especially if it has a lot of space and is secure. It also allows you to excuse yourself from the main house to clear your head and be one with your pole.

The process of installing your dance pole in your garage is similar to any other installation process. You can read our guide on installing dance poles at home or use this guide for installing dance pole on high ceilings if your garage has a tall ceiling.

What to Consider Before Installing a Stripper Pole In Your Garage 

Although a garage is one of the best places to install your stripper pole or dance pole, there are still a few considerations I advise you to keep in mind before embarking on the journey. They include;

Space Available 

You need at least 4.5′ to 5′ of space around your stripper pole or dance pole to enjoy your pole dancing session. So, before installing your new dance pole in the garage, consider claiming the space totally for yourself – this means NO CARS are allowed.

You’ll most likely be installing your dance pole in the center of the garage, so you need as much space as you can get. You can start by decluttering the garage if it doesn’t have a lot of space for your pole fitness exercises.

If using your garage as a temporary space for your dance pole, it is best to use a removable dance pole. Removable dance poles are easy to install and take down.

The Flooring 

Your garage’s flooring is an important consideration when planning to install a stripper pole or dance pole. Epoxy flooring may not be the best option, especially because they offer fine surfaces. You can use stage poles or portable freestanding dance poles on epoxy flooring to improve grip and safety.

For concrete floors, you’ll need to install a cushion material to brace you in the event of falls. I recommend getting a crash mat for the base of your dance pole. You can also install a base or stage over the concrete floor, especially if the floor is prone to water percolation.

For hardwood floors or other types of floors, ensure that your stripper pole is firmly installed to improve safety as you practice.

Pro Tip: Buy and use interlocking floor mats between the garage floor and your dance pole base. The floor mats are usually about 0.5 inches thick and fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. They can help you prevent common floor problems arising from moisture seepage.

Garage Lighting 

Does your garage have windows for natural light during the day? Is your garage wired and does it have access to electricity? These are important considerations before installing your dance pole. A well-lit space is required for your pole dancing exercise.

Having a well-lit garage means you can practice your pole fitness at any time of the day or night. If it doesn’t have electricity, you can choose makeshift light sources to keep the area well-lit during your sessions.

Garage Ventilation and Heating

You should never pole dance in a closed space with improper ventilation. For this reason, consider your garage windows or any other source of ventilation to keep the air quality up. You should also consider heating sources, especially as your dance pole may become very cold during the winter.

For cold dance poles, you can read our guide on warming up your dance poles. You can also purchase a portable heating device to keep the garage space warm during your pole dancing session.


Security is yet another important consideration when planning to install your dance pole in your garage. Do you have a manual or automatic garage door? Is the garage door secure? Are you comfortable using the garage space for pole dancing during the day and at night? All these questions demand an answer before you go ahead to install your stripper pole.

If you’ve ticked all the boxes above, then you’re set and ready to install your dance pole in your garage.  

Tips for Installing Dance Pole in Your Garage

This blog post will feel incomplete without sharing useful tips for installing your dance pole in the garage. Here are some to keep in mind;

  • Measure your garage ceiling height before buying a dance pole for your garage use
  • Choose portable freestanding dance poles or removable dance poles if using the garage as a temporary space
  • Consider lighting, ventilation, heating, and security before installing your dance pole
  • Buy new or pre-owned dance poles from reputable brands
  • Invest in pole dance safety products like crash mats and pole grip aids

So, there you have it. Please share some pictures or recommendations if you already have a dance pole installed in your garage.

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