12 Stripper Pole Dancing Positions for Pros

Pole dancing, in the last decade, has witnessed an outstanding evolution. With more people embracing the stripper pole and pole dancing in general, we couldn’t help but notice some timeless and evergreen dance moves still in play.

Below are 12 stunning and timeless pole moves still in action today!

1. Inside Leg Hang

inside leg hang pole dancing

The inside leg hang is a beginner pose that has become fundamental to most pole dancing performance routines. The move has also evolved over the years, with more variations available, depending on the dancer’s skills and level. 

The pose showcases the dancer’s beautiful angles and body lines.

2. Superman

Also a beginner move, the Superman position comes with an advanced trick perfect for transitioning to the intermediate skill level. The superman move has witnessed refinement since the early to mid-2000s and is often incorporated into many pole dance performances to create a stellar finish.

Requires an impressive level of pole gripping between the thighs while facing down, especially the intermediate twist.

3. Cross Knee Release

cross knee release pole dancing

Similar to the Superman move, however, this classic requires cupping the stripper pole with the back of one knee while leaning downwards. 

The pose has evolved over the years and has become the mainstay in many strip clubs. It’s a common mainstay of pole dance classes too.

The descending inversion works the muscle and gives a sexy appearance.

4. Chopper Spin

The Chopper Spin has been around for years, and it’s nothing short of breathtaking. The spin, in itself, requires an intermediate skill level, great grip on the pole, and a timed spin for a complete trifecta!

5. Teddy

The Teddy move is a classic and could pass for “spread eagle” in modern pole dancing. This move requires great upper body strength, especially as the dancing pole is held between the armpit to give a triangle- spread. 

The Teddy move requires an intermediate to professional skill level, especially as the armpit hold can be painful. The move generally relies on a sticky armpit with great leg extension. 

The final view is a sight to behold! 

6. Butterfly

This is perhaps the GodFather move of moves. Any old-school stripper pole moves collection without the Butterfly move is lacking. The move is a downward facing one wherein the forearm is stretched for support while the legs mimic a butterfly’s wings. 

It requires great upper body strength and coordination to pull off.

7. Knee Hold

The Knee Hold move is one of the OG moves that has remained with a select few. Involves holding the pole with the knee and hanging on the pole sideways. Needless to say, it requires an incredible level of discipline, strength, and skills. 

It’s probably less performed because of its painful effect on the knee.

8. Back Hook Spin

Similar to the front spin, the back hook spin is a lot more complex and requires mastery of the trade. The OG move requires wrapping the legs around the pole and spinning backward. 

Locking eyes during this performance is GOLD!!

9. Inverted Crucifix Drop

This daredevil move will leave your audience standing in ovation while being scared to the bones. It involves sliding down the pole head first, arms spread and stopping only about a foot to the floor.

This strip move is more difficult to master because it involves holding onto the pole with the knees. The knees control the entire movement, requiring a great deal of self-awareness and skills.

It’s definitely a crowd-pleaser and a great way to end a stellar performance.  

10. Jade Split

The Jade Split is one of the most amazing moves to happen on a stripper pole. The move, also known as Hip Hold Split, requires a great deal of fitness and upper body strength.

The move involves holding the pole between the hips and leg while the legs are spread horizontally. 

It is truly a work of art!

11. Wrist Sit aka Hello Boys

OG Mention to the Wrist Sit, also known as Hello Boys! It is a showstopper and a jaw-dropper. Involves spreading the legs wide (Hello Boys) while balancing on the pole with both hands.

More complex than it looks.

12. Marley

Marley pole dance

Think of being hung downward in a bondage-style position! Yes! Involves holding the pole behind one knee with the head thrown back and the hands locking the ankles!

A truly stunning move.

There you have it, some of the greatest moves on a stripper pole!  

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