Stripper Talk: Wearing Butt Plug While Dancing

You can do many things to carve a niche for yourself as a stripper – a butt plug is definitely one of those!

For one, stripper butt plugs are a great conversation starter, especially if you’re not so vocal. It can also set you apart from other girls and make customers want you more.

If you’ve been in the industry for some time, you understand that customers like “extraordinary” things – anything that looks like it jumped out of their imaginations.

But like everything else, butt plugs aren’t for everyone, especially if you aren’t used to taking it back there. You may explore other stripper aesthetics if you’re not comfortable shoving a butt plug up your ass.

But if you’re willing to try, here are some real-life experiences and guide for novice strippers looking to explore and get their money up. You may love it – and it could be the reawakening you’ve always wanted!

Why Do Strippers Wear Butt Plugs?

Strippers wear butt plugs to boost performance and attract attention from customers. Butt plugs have also been proven to be a great conversation starter.

As you already know, I love to bring real-life experiences to back my takes on topics. This stripper butt plug discussion isn’t any different.

“I wear one on busy nights, and I can definitely say my earnings are higher! I like to give them a quick peek when doing lap dances if they’re throwing money, which makes them intrigued, then I hit them with my favorite line, “If you want to see more, we’ll have to go for a private dance” (my club is fully nude in certain sections) and 9 times out of 10, it works! And on a more personal level, it makes me feel sexier, which adds to the energy I put off.”

Manswhore on wearing butt plug in the club

“At the fully nude club I worked at as a waitress, a lot of the girls wore them. That’s how I would tell you was on stage by the color of their plug. I think it’s interesting, and a lot of men would be intrigued by it. The girls who wore them were some of the better earners where I worked.”

Mermaidforme on stripper butt plugs while dancing

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“I wear it [butt plug] because it’s a conversation starter mostly. And then the guys that are into ass (play) think it’s sexy/the girl’s freaky and then they’re more likely to spend money.”

MauiMoon on butt plugs as a conversation starter in the club

“One, it makes the girls perform harder, like the grinding on the pole. It also does keep stealthy hands out of the bum area. It also can look attractive depending on whether or not it has a jeweled end. Because wearing a jeweled plug will attract lots of customers and more private dances.”

Casualgirl on butt plugs to prevent roaming customer hands

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Should You Wear Butt Plug While Dancing?

You should first research your club rules and state laws before wearing a butt plug while dancing. This is because some states or clubs frown upon such acts. Most fully nude bars allow their strippers to do pretty much anything, especially when their private/VIP room allows extras.

However, I recommend asking your club manager and confirming the state laws before wearing one. We don’t want to get you fired!

Tips for Wearing Butt Plug While Dancing

Not for Newbies

Please note that wearing butt plugs while dancing on stage is not a newbie act. If you’re trying this for the first time, I do not recommend dancing with your butt plug on.

I advise that newbies take it slow and go through the anal training process by lubing up and using small, safe plugs.

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Wear in Short Bursts

Anal plugs should not be worn for too long to allow your sphincters to contract/return to shape after removal.

Newbies can try wearing their lubed-up plugs for 5 to 10 minutes per time to get more comfortable with them.

Medically, you shouldn’t wear a butt plug for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Wearing the butt plug for longer can break down the lube, making it harder to push the engorged part of the butt plug out of your butt. 

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Use Lots of Lube

Lubricants are a very important part of using anal plugs. While walking and dancing in them take time, lubricants make the butt plugs much more flexible.

Use lots of lube before wearing one to reduce injuries and friction.

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Butt Aftercare Is Important

Butt plugs leave your butt hole stimulated, tired, weak, and constrained. I recommend treating the stressed muscle to some aftercare.

One of the biggest aftercare routines is soaking in Epsom salt bath. This will soothe the overworked sphincter and butt muscles while also relaxing your body.

Long Epsom salt baths should be had at least once a week during your days off.

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Quit if It’s Uncomfortable

There are plenty of things you can do to get your money up as a stripper. So, don’t force it if a butt plug isn’t your thing.

Explore other options to bring your feminine side to the open.

I hope that helps. Look around and email us using the contact us page if you have any questions, comments, or contributions.

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