Pole Dancing and Surgery: How Soon to Return?

Pole dancing is a physically demanding fitness exercise and a great way to stay in shape. However, certain health challenges and physical changes may cause you to wonder whether you’re fit to return to the pole.

Having seen and heard many questions relating to pole dancing and surgery, I have researched and consulted with medical experts as well as first-hand experiences of pole dancers who have undergone certain injuries and how long it took to return to the pole.

Find your answers below.

Can You Pole Dance on Your Period?

Yes, it is safe and healthy to pole dance on your period unless exercising makes you cramp more or you’ve been medically advised otherwise.

You can combine menstrual cups and sanitary pads or tampons and sanitary pads during this period to prevent period blood stains. If you’re allergic to sanitary pads, use period panties plus menstrual cups or tampons for extra protection.

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Can You Pole Dance With Scoliosis?

Yes, you can pole dance with scoliosis. Pole dancing with scoliosis can help to strengthen the muscles, improve posture and blood flow throughout the body, reduce pain, and help dancers regain control of their bodies.

You can enjoy improved health and reduced scoliosis pain when you learn to control pivots, spins, and turns on your own. Doing these will strengthen your muscles and increase coordination and balance. The back and core strength developed can provide better posture, which improves lung function and encourages healthy digestion and an alert mind.

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How Soon Can You Pole Dance After a C-Section?

You can return to pole dancing 12 – 15 weeks after a C-section. Cesarean sections are major surgery, so it’s important to let yourself heal properly before returning to the pole. The last thing you want to experience is complications arising from pulling a muscle or from a ruptured wound.

Even when returning to the pole after your C-section, keep it at the back of your mind that it’ll be hard at first. There’s definitely a learning curve, and you’ll need to do it at your own pace until your body gets used to it.

Take it slow and consult with your doctor if in doubt.

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Pro Tip:

SAHRMANN EXERCISES are the best exercises to rebuild and regain your core strength after a C-section. The program may take a few weeks to perfect, but it’s extremely important that you perfect one exercise at a time before proceeding to the next level.

See the video below:

You can also try light yoga and cardio at 7 – 8 weeks after the C-section before returning to pole dancing. But it’s totally fine to stay away from the pole for at least 6 months if your body doesn’t support it earlier than that.

How Soon Can You Pole Dance After a Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Wait for 12 weeks after your tummy tuck surgery before returning to pole dancing. Scientifically, your body requires between 6 to 8 weeks for your muscles to become fully bonded and for the muscle strength to return to its pre-surgery condition. 

At 8 weeks, you can engage in light exercises like treadmill walks and stationary bikes that do not stress the abs, however, pole dancing and pole fitness involve high stress, so you may want to wait at least 12 weeks post-tummy tuck to be sure.

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How Soon Can You Return to Pole Dancing After Spinal Fusion?

It’s advisable to wait between 4 weeks and 6 months after your spinal fusion surgery before returning to pole dancing. Wait at least 4 weeks for a minimally invasive decompression procedure and at least 6 months for a multi-level spinal fusion operation.

During the waiting period, avoid strenuous activities like jogging, bicycle riding, weight lifting, aerobic exercises, etc.

After returning to the pole, ensure you start small and avoid advanced pole tricks like shoulder mounts, aerial inverts, and legs-off tricks like Ayesha.

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How Soon Can You Return to Pole Dancing After Knee Surgery?

Most pole dancers return to the pole 3 – 6 months after their knee surgery. It’s important to start slow when you return to the pole and avoid pole tricks that strain your knees. 

You can further protect your knees with gel knee pads or Standard padded knee pads. I also recommend getting a crash mat to cushion the floor around your dance pole.

How Soon Can You Return to Pole Dancing after a Tattoo?

Wait 2 – 3 weeks after your tattoo before returning to pole dancing. You should also avoid rubbing, scrubbing, scratching, poking, itching, or touching the tattoo spot during this time.

As you wait for your tattoo to heal, focus on improving your flexibility and balance with calisthenics, heel and ankle strengthening, and other warm-up exercises to keep you occupied, fit, and in shape.

Can You Pole Dance With Tendonitis?

No, you should not pole dance with tendonitis until you have seen a doctor. Ideally, you should allow the affected elbow to rest and wear elbow braces for support. Ensure to choose breathable elbow braces to improve your comfort when returning to the pole.

So, there you have it. I hope you’ve found valuable answers and recommendations to keep you healthy while also keeping your pole dancing spirits high.

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