How to Install a Stripper Pole at Home (Step-by-Step Guide)

Wondering if you can DIY your stripper pole installation? YES!

DIY dance pole installation can save you a lot of money, especially if you’ve purchased a temporary dance pole. But fair warning, it requires some back and forth! Nothing too complex, though.

So, how do you install a stripper pole? Let’s get started before the excitement wears out.

Step-by-Step Guide to Install a Dance Pole at Home

Step 1: Unbox Your Stripper Pole Kit

Ah! the feeling of unboxing something you’ve wanted for a while. But before you begin, confirm that the necessary items are included in your dance pole kit. You also want to check that you haven’t bought a fake dance pole.

Here’s a list of common items you’d find in the box: 

  • The poles – should be in three sections
  • Screws
  • Anchors
  • Brackets 
  • A tool kit which usually includes an Allen wrench or a screwdriver
  • An optional carrying case
  • A manual

 All Clear? Great!

By now, you must have decided where to install your dance pole. Ensure to leave enough space around the pole to allow you to perform complex dance moves without hurting your limbs or others.

Step 2: Test the Pole’s Length from Top to Bottom

Stripper dance poles can vary in length, depending on the product and manufacturer. Slot the three sections of the pole together and check against your ceiling.

Checking the pole’s length against your ceiling helps you decide whether it’s a perfect fit, needs trimming, or requires an extension.

Step 3: Locate the Floor and Ceiling Plates

Lay the dance pole horizontally on the floor and find the floor and ceiling plates. Slot the plates on the pole by sliding and twisting until the spring-loaded knob clicks into the holes on the plate.

Once done, locate your ceiling joist by tapping the ceiling until you hear a dull sound or by using a stud finder.

The dance pole will be installed on the ceiling joist for stability and safety.

Step 4: Stand the Pole

With the floor and ceiling plates fixed, stand the pole from the ground to the ceiling using the wrench provided in your kit. You can also rent or borrow a wrench for this.

Unscrew the top plate until it connects with your ceiling and do the same for the bottom plate. Ensure that both top and bottom plates are tightly held against the ceiling and floor for stability. 

Tighten the nuts on the bottom plate once the pole is tightly fit against the top and bottom surfaces.

Step 5: Test the Pole Against Your Weight

It’s important to test the pole against your weight before you start dancing. Do this by shaking the pole from side to side or by leaning on it gently. Increase the leaning weight on the pole until you’re 100% sure it’s tight and in position. 

Start with a few simple pole dance moves if there’s no pole movement. However, if the pole moves, unscrew the bottom section some more and test again until it’s stable.

Step 6: Music on + Try Some Moves 

It’s time to turn on some music and try some moves. Keep in mind to start with simple moves and progress as you gain more experience and confidence. 

Here are 10 songs for pole dancing at home:

  • Keep Me High – Adaline
  • Run Cried the Crawling – Agnes Obel
  • Fantasy – Alina Baraz, Galimatias
  • Lips Don’t Lie – Ally Brooke (ft. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie)
  • Here For My Habits – Angie
  • Dangerous Woman – Ariana Grande
  • Let Me Love You – Ariana Grande, Lil Wayne
  • Cocaine Style – ARO
  • Fuck With Myself – BANKS
  • Waiting Game – BANKS

Can You Install a Dance Pole on a Carpet?

Yes, you can install a dance pole on your carpet. However, you should expect some damage to the carpet. The extent of damage will depend on the installation process, the quality of your carpet, and the carpet’s fiber length. 

Important to note:

  • The removable dance pole can minimize carpet damage. 
  • Installing your dance pole on a carpet is great for beginners
  • Ensure your carpet isn’t loose before and after the dance pole installation 

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Can Your Stripper Pole Damage Your Carpet?

Yes, your carpet could suffer potential damage from the dance pole installation process. However, you can minimize the effect by choosing long fiber carpets like the Olefin Berber carpet. The Olefin Berber carpet is tightly woven and less likely to shift or tear. High pile or plush carpets are not the best options as they’re more prone to damage.

What Type of Carpet Can I Install a Pole On?

You’ll need to choose between a short fiber and a long fiber carpet. Both options have their pros and cons. The short fiber carpets are more damage resistant but are likely to cause burns when you graze your skin on them.

The long fiber carpets have a higher damage tendency, however, you’re less likely to get hurt or bruised using them.

If you ask us – the long fiber carpets are the better choice! You’ll see the difference when you take down your stripper pole.

Best Dance Pole for Carpet Flooring 

Friction-fit poles or portable dance poles work best for carpet floors. You can also explore with the Stage pole if you have enough room to accommodate it.

Friction-fit and portable dance poles are excellent choices because they are simple to install and take off.

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