How to Take Down a Stripper Pole (Step-By-Step Guide)

Tired of having a strip pole in the middle of your apartment or bedroom? You don’t have to break a sweat to take it down. You’re learning how to take a stripper pole down the easy way.

All you need to get the job done is a hex key and lubricants. You may also need a ladder to help you reach the top of the pole. 

Even if all you have is a high surface to stand on, it’ll do: provided it supports your weight. 

Once you have all these ready, then it’s time to get to work.

Taking Down a Strip Pole

Ideally, taking down your strip pole should take less than 10 minutes if you follow the steps outlined below. 

Step 1: Confirm the Bottom of the Pole Is Locked in Place

The first step is to ensure you lock the stripper pole into static mode. It prevents it from spinning when you turn it to reduce the tension with the ceiling. 

The type of pole you own determines how the lock system works. Some stripper poles use a rubber grip, which runs around the base of the joint. For some other types use a screw. Check for a screw or grip at the base of the pole, and use your hex key to check if the screw is tight enough. 

Step 2: Loosen the Screws From the Top

The next step is to loosen the screws from the top of the dance pole. Usually, there are three screws at the top to keep it firmly in position. Turn each screw with the hex key to loosen them and allow the pole to rotate freely. . at 

Step 3: Rotate the Pole Clockwise to Loosen and Remove It

Once the screws are loose enough, the top should rotate freely. Turn the pole counterclockwise to reduce the tension between the top dome and the roof.

Step 4: Twist the Upper Dome Portion off the Top of Your Pole

Finally, twist the upper dome and remove it from the dance pole. The upper dome is often screwed in or slid into the top of the pole. Set the upper dome aside.

How To Disassemble and Store Your Pole

Before thinking of how or where to store the strip pole, you need to take it down. If you’ve followed the steps outlined above, your pole must have less tension with the ceiling by now. 

#1. Lay the Pole Horizontally on the Floor

The next step is to lay it horizontally on the floor or any surface that can hold most of its length. Avoid disassembling your pole while it’s erect to avoid hazards from falling objects. 

#2. Locate Where the Pole Tubes Are Connected

The strip pole is a layer of different poles connected by screws or grips. Look towards the mid-section of the pole, and you’ll likely find where the top and bottom poles meet. It’s also likely you’ll find the center joint here too. 

#3. Loosen the 2 Screws at the Center of the Pole

Locate the screws that hold the top and bottom pole in place and unscrew them using the hex key. 

#4. Remove the Top and Bottom Poles to Reveal the Central Joint

You should be able to remove the top portion of the pole from the central joint since you’ve loosened the screw holding the top and bottom poles in place. Set the top pole and central joint aside.

#5. Unscrew Pole From the Bottom Extension and Base

The bottom portion of the pole is usually screwed into the base. Turn it counterclockwise to unscrew it and set it aside as well. 

#6. Remove the Extension Attached to the Pole Base

Remember that the bottom extension is still in static mode. Use your hex key or fingers, to loosen the screw holding the bottom extension in place. Then slide it off the base and set it aside. 

#7. Store Pole Away in a Warm and Dry Place

Once you have all the parts disassembled, it’s time to store your strip pole away. One point to bear in mind is that you must be stored away from moisture to prevent rust. The closet, wardrobe, garage, and workshop are great places to keep your disassembled pole. 

If you broke a sweat learning how to take down a stripper pole, it could be because you did it alone. Two people make it a lot easier. Now you have your pole taken apart, remember to store all the pieces together to make it easier to assemble next time. 

How to Unscrew a Tight Pole

To unscrew a tight pole, stick a hex key into the screw and turn it counterclockwise. If too tight, you should consider lubricating the screw or using a power machine to unscrew the tight pole.

Please ensure that each of the screws are loosened at first until you’ve safely loosened all screws on your pole. Once loosened, you should begin removing the screws in the same order as you’ve loosened them.

You can also follow the directions on how to unscrew a tight pole in the video below

I hope this helps.

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