Step-by-Step Guide: Installing Your Portable Dance Pole With Base

Congratulations on deciding to buy a portable dance pole. Now comes the exciting part, how to install your portable dance pole.

You’ll need to exercise a lot of caution if it’s the first pole you’re installing. You want to ensure that everything is safe and sturdy to support your weight and the different dance moves you’ll be practicing.

So, let’s get to it! How do you install a portable dance pole?

Tools Needed To Install Your Portable Dance Pole With Base

  • Main Dance pole kit
  • Dance pole dome and base
  • Extension poles
  • Crash Mat
  • A stud detector 
  • This guide opened on your phone, laptop, or cast to your TV

Parts of Your Removable Dance Pole With Base

parts of a portable dance pole

The Top Dome: This is also known as the pole support dome. It should be attached to the ceiling for support and stability.

Base: The metallic base comes in different sizes depending on the type and brand of portable dance pole you’ve purchased. They should be screwed to the bottom of the pole.

Main pole bars: The main poles A and B come in different lengths. They are the main dancing parts of the stripper pole and may come in different lengths and materials.

Extension poles: The extension poles are for adjusting the dancing pole’s height to suit your specific ceiling height.

Height Adjuster: Installed in on the ceiling dance dome and used to increase or decrease the dance pole’s height for fit and stability.

Fixing rod: Your dance pole can come with a fixing rod or an adapter for securing the space between the ceiling and floor.

How To Install Your Portable Dance Pole With Base

Step 1: Find the Most Suitable Installation Spot

The very first step is to decide where to install your portable dance pole. Favorite places to install a dance pole at home include the home gym, garage, basement, living room, or bedroom.

We have a very comprehensive guide on the places you can install a dance pole in your home. It’s important to choose an area with enough space to allow you to spin and practice your dance moves.

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Step 2: Assemble the Pole

Your portable dance pole kit should contain two main poles A and B, and about three short extension rods of varying lengths. The extension rods can be screwed on to elongate your portable dance pole to meet your floor-to-ceiling height.

Assemble the main poles A and B by screwing each part onto the other. Check your floor-to-ceiling height immediately. If perfect, skip to Step 3. If not, read on.

Step 2b: Installing the Extension Rod

Screw the extension rod onto your main pole if the dance pole’s rod doesn’t fit your ceiling-to-floor height. You may need to try the different extension rods to get the perfect floor-to-ceiling height.

To install the dance pole’s extension rod, lay the pole horizontally and screw the extension rod on it. Once installed, cover the extension rod with a base iron cover. 

Step 3: Install Adapters and Ceiling Iron Dome

Once your pole is of the right ceiling-to-floor height, place it horizontally on the floor and install the adapter on top of the main pole A’s protuberance. 

Once done, carefully place the ceiling iron dome on the main pole A protuberance. 

N.B.: Please note that the main pole A will point to the ceiling while the main pole B will lock into the base stage.

Step 4: Lock the Pole to the Ceiling

With your pole upstanding, connect the ceiling pole support dome with your ceiling and lock it in place to close any gap between the dome and your ceiling.

Locking should be done using the two iron levers in your installation kit.

Step 5: Screw the Base

With the ceiling secured, screw the base of the pole to the articulating base for support. Ensure that all screws are tightened properly for the best fit and stability.

Safety Tips for Installing A Portable Dance Pole With Base

  1. Seek help from a professional pole dancer, especially if this is your first portable dance pole installation experience.
  2. Check the floor and ceiling to be sure they are perfect for your dance pole installation needs
  3. Test the dance pole’s integrity and stability after installation and before you start dancing on it
  4. Install a crash mat around the dance pole to prevent bruises and injuries.

How Much Weight Can A Portable Pole Dance Pole Support?

A portable dance pole can support up to 230kg/500lb of weight. This makes it a good choice for petite and plus sized dancers. You should, however, check with the specific manufacturer for specific confirmation.

So, there you have it. If you’ve been looking for how to put together a portable dance pole, we hope our complete guide has helped your installation process.

How Much Does a Dance Pole Installation Cost?

Dance pole installation using a professional’s services can cost between $50 – $100, depending on the type of dance pole and your location. You can save costs by installing your dance pole DIY at home. The process is simple and there are tonnes of resources, including the one above, to guide you.

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