How to Choose The Best Dance Pole Size & Diameter

Like everything good, dance poles come in various sizes and diameters. Getting the right one, of course, will depend on various factors – including your budget and personal preferences. 

But before deciding, you at least want to know a little about your options – and which one fits your preferences. 

Read on to learn about each dancing pole diameter and why it may be the best option for you and your skill level.

Common Dance Pole Diameters

38mm Dance Pole (1.49 Inches)

The 38mm dance poles are the smallest available pole diameter on the market. They’re perfect for complex, grip-intensive pole maneuvers like spins and inverts. 

They’re perfect for petite dancers with smaller hands and less firm grips.

40mm Dance Pole (1.5 Inches)

Similar to the 38mm dancing poles, the 40mm diameter stripper poles are perfect for petite dancers with beginner skills and small hands. 

More experienced dancers using this pole may find it limiting, especially as it causes grip issues when they try using the 45 mm standard stripper poles.

Dancers with bigger hands may also find the 40mm unsuitable, especially as their hands are bound to overwrap around the pole. This can cause them to be extra cautious – and may mess up their dance moves.

42mm Dance Pole (1.65 Inches)

The 42mm dancing poles are thicker, offering improved grip and support for complex dance moves. 

Unlike the 38mm and 40mm, they are a mid-point option for dancers with small and medium-sized hands. The poles are also perfect for dancers who wish to someday move up to using the 45mm standard stripper pole.

45mm Dance Pole (1.75 Inches)

The 45mm stripper poles are the commonest options you’ll find around. Some beginners, including those pole dancing at home, prefer this option, especially because of other intrinsic benefits like its resale value.

The 45mm dancing poles are not too big or small. They are perfect for most stripper dance or pole dance moves and are a great option to start with, especially if you intend to participate in public contests and competitions.

48mm Dance Pole (1.89 Inches)

The diameter difference between the 45 and 48mm dance poles is enough to make a difference in grip and handling. The 48mm poles are not as common as others, however, they are more suitable for plus-sized pole dancers.

The thickness of the dance poles provides additional support to plus-sized dancers, giving them the added confidence to perform complex moves graciously and without worry.

While they are perfect for plus-sized dancers, petite and beginner pole dancers with smaller hands may struggle with this pole.

50mm Dance Pole (2 Inches)

The 50mm dance poles were formerly the industry standard. However, the standard changed to accommodate petite and younger dancers who used pole dancing as a form of fitness and upper-body exercise.

The 50mm dancing poles are still in use today but are more common among older dancers or professional dancers who have dedicated time to learning it.

As you can imagine, with such a wider diameter, it may be harder to wrap one’s hands around it. Beginners are more likely to suffer grip slips and injuries on this pole.

53mm Dance Pole (2.09 Inches)

The 53mm dance poles are the thickest option on the market. They are rare, especially because they are not much sought after. In fact, only a few manufacturers make this diameter of stripper pole.

The making of the 53mm stripper pole starts with a standard 45mm dancing pole. The 45mm pole is coated with silicone to increase its diameter up to 53mm for specific use.

Unlike other pole types, it’s harder to do spin moves on silicone coated 53mm dancing poles. However, the grip on the pole is an added advantage for users.

Unsure what to pick? We advise going for the 45mm standard-size stripper pole for its grip, uniformity, and resale value. You can also choose the 40mm if you have smaller hands and wish to improve your grip.

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