Plus Size Pole Dancing: Your Complete Guide + Tips

Have you considered pole dancing, only to dismiss it as unsuitable because of your big size? Well, the good news is, regardless of your plus size, pole dancing is perfect for you. 

In addition to the obvious health benefits, it’s also a terrific way to boost self-esteem and confidence. It also offers a great deal of fun!  

We’ve provided you with everything you need to get started on your pole dancing journey with your plus size weight. Follow this guide judiciously, and you’ll be on your way to smashing your pole dancing career. 

Can You Pole Dance if You’re Overweight?  

Of course! 

No matter the body size, you can participate in and even thrive at pole dancing. Pole dancing is already beneficial, but it might help much more if you struggle with weight.

Pole dancing can boost confidence and help you reach your fitness goals when coupled with a healthier lifestyle.

Heavy women often have more defined muscles than their slimmer counterparts, allowing them to support their weight more easily. 

Your strength and stamina determine the outcome, regardless of your additional weight. Also, you don’t have to be concerned for your safety when dancing on the pole because of your weight. If the pole is correctly set up, it can easily carry your weight. 

Benefits of Pole Dancing if You’re Plus-Size or Overweight 

Pole dancing offers you plenty of benefits as a plus-size dancer. Below are some of those essential benefits:

Pole Dancing Helps With Weight Loss

The vigorous action required for pole dancing helps you burn calories which aids in weight loss. And the more calories you burn, the faster you’ll shed those extra pounds.

You should expect to burn around 300 calories with an hour of pole dancing. This is the same as practicing yoga for 45 minutes or running at a moderate speed for 30 minutes. Including pole dancing in your normal exercise program will help you shed as much as 600 calories per hour. 

You’d lose more fat working with a skilled pole dancing instructor to teach perfect form and keep you motivated.

Increased Strength 

Pole dancing can improve your strength, especially in the upper body areas, including your arms, core, and shoulders.

But, the degree to which it strengthens you depends on several elements, including your current fitness level, the frequency with which you practice, and the intensity with which you work out using the pole.

Increased Flexibility 

Since pole dancing allows you to stretch in ways you wouldn’t otherwise, it can help you become more flexible.

Several pole dancers start out unable to even touch their toes, but after a few years of practice, they can execute the full splits. Their flexibility constantly takes people by surprise.

Improved Self-Confidence

Pole dancing is a fun and powerful way to get in shape and express yourself; it also has the potential to boost your confidence and self-esteem. 

Yet, the degree to which it does so depends on some variables, like your current confidence level, outlook and perspective, and aspirations and goals. 

It may take a few months of classes before you start seeing real results, but you’ll be thrilled when you do.

5 Plus Size Pole Dancing Tips

You’ve made a fantastic choice if you’ve finally chosen to take the plunge and enroll in pole dancing classes. Follow the tips below to make the most out of your adventure:

Take a Beginner Class 

Learning how to pole dance can be challenging at first. The best place to start is with a beginner’s class tailored to your experience and fitness level. 

Participating in these classes will get you strong and confident, and help you master the fundamentals.

Focus On Good Form

It is crucial to pay attention to your form and technique when learning new moves. This way, you can execute the techniques more smoothly and efficiently and get the flexibility and strength you need to advance more quickly.

Use Your Body Weight To Your Advantage 

Certain pole dance moves may be more difficult to execute when overweight. Use your weight as an advantage when in a situation like this. 

For instance, if you find getting your body on the pole difficult, try pushing off the ground with your legs to gain extra momentum.

Take Breaks & Pick Moves 

Pole dancing requires a lot of energy, so it’s crucial to listen to your body and rest when you need it. If you’re having trouble with certain moves, try adapting them or using a prop (like a pole or a chair) for assistance.

Have the Most Fun 

Most importantly, remember to enjoy yourself and the ride. Pole dancing is a fun and exciting way to get in shape, push yourself, and boost your self-esteem. So don’t be scared to experiment and enjoy yourself along the road.

Plus size pole dancer

Plus Size Pole Dancing Essentials

Below is a list of some essentials you need to get started:

  • A strong portable pole
  • Crash mat
  • Towels
  • Jogger shorts
  • Ankle protectors
  • Deodorant
  • Protein shakes
  • Grip aid
  • Tank tops/sports bras
  • Wrist wraps

How to Stay Motivated as a Plus Size Pole Dancer

Staying motivated is essential to smashing your goals as a plus size pole dancer. The following tips will help you stay motivated throughout your pole dancing journey:

Summon All Courage – You Can Do It

You need not have cold feet when enrolling in a pole dance class. Although you’d find that a good number of people in pole dancing classes are skinny and small, that’s what makes you special. 

You can inspire all of our big, chubby, and bold friends to grab their dreams and make them come true by entering the world of pole dancing.

Surround Yourself With Positive People 

The next step is to sign up for a pole dancing course, either locally or online. Choose a trainer or institute that accepts people of all sizes, including plus-size women. 

While the thought of having fun and bettering yourself by learning pole dancing is still fresh in your thoughts, go ahead and sign up for classes.

Invest in Pole Dance Wear

After officially registering for pole dancing classes, choosing your first pole dance outfit can be difficult. With the right pole wear, you can focus more on your dancing and learning without exposing some skin or being conscious about it.

Try going sockless. You can ditch the heels by going barefoot. 

For what to wear, you can’t go wrong with a pair of joggers and some tank tops or sports bras for your first pole dance class.

Invest in Pole Dance Safety Gear

Similar to other physical activities, pole dancing classes will leave you with bruises (called “pole kisses”). Therefore, protective gear like ankle tanks and wrist wraps is essential for increased safety.

plus size pole dancing

Plus Size Pole Dancing Clothes and Pole Wear Recommendations 

Finding suitable clothing for pole dancing can be challenging if you wear plus size outfits. There are countless options for brands and designs, and you could feel overwhelmed. 

You’ll need the right clothes for your next pole lesson, and we’re here to help you find them. We’ve compiled a few examples of standard, go-to plus-size pole wear styles for inspiration.

Sports Apparel

Plus-size fitness outfits are great for pole dancing and other types of exercise, including yoga, jogging, and power walking. They’re built to last for a very long time.


Wearing a bustier while pole dancing is a great idea. The designers of this line of plus-size corsets and bustiers highlighted a wide range of fabrics rather than sticking only to a leather style.

Plus Size Leather Corsets

If you love leather and fancy clothes, you need one of these plus size pole dancing corsets. Remember that “leather” might signify “leather-like” or “faux leather” in many contexts. 

If you’re going to buy a plus-size leather corset, it’s in your best interest to read the description thoroughly to ensure you get exactly what you’re hoping for.

Sexy Lingerie Outfits

Plus-size lingerie costumes are great for pole dancing during many events, such as graduation parties and “private showings.” 

This selection features many popular names in plus-size pole attire, giving you plenty of options for your next performance.

Plus Size Booty Short Sets 

They often come as a set with a camisole, making them a great option for plus-size women who aren’t sure how sensual they want to get.  

It’s important to remember that how you wear your pole clothes will significantly affect how comfortable they feel. 

If selecting a bikini material, ensure that it fits properly, as loose-fitting material can get in the way of a great performance. It could also cause you to slide off the bar during climbs. 

While the fit is important, you also want comfort. Balance fit and comfort by choosing one size bigger than you’d typically buy during regular apparel shopping. 

Plus Size Pole Dancing Gear

Best Dance Poles For Plus Size Dancers

Final Thoughts 

Pole dancing is for you, regardless of your weight or size. The benefits and fun in stock for you are too good to ignore. Try it out! You have nothing to lose other than maybe a few pounds.   

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