7 Stripper Aesthetics That’ll Make You More $$$

Finding your sweet spot as a stripper is something we don’t talk much about. But you’ll agree that your stripper aesthetics can 10x your income and appeal.

If you’re like me – you want to make more money and get customers queuing up for you, then you know how important it is to get your stripper aesthetic right. 

I’ll share some of the most insane and amazing things you can do to carve a niche for yourself and get customers fawning over you.

Let’s get started.


One of the biggest parts of a stripper’s aesthetics is her looks. 

It’s no news that strippers are objectified, and while this is relatively welcome to an extent, you can also leverage it to grow your “audience and market share.” Here are some things you can do to improve your appearance and command more money.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is a big part of improving your stripper aesthetics and market share. 

But before you do this, take stock of the most popular girls in your bar, strip club, or city. This can give you an idea of the weight range to target. 

You don’t want to go crazy about weight loss – because it can scare the regular customers who have become familiar with your body and curves.

You should also remember that weight loss or gain can affect your performance. So, you want to ease into it and not make sudden counterintuitive changes.

PS: If you work in an upscale club, then majority of the ladies are slim. So, if you’re “thick thick,” I advise carving a niche for yourself by staying healthy and fit but don’t lose too much weight! Instead, focus on other areas.

Breast Implants

Boob jobs are wonderful and will surely get you the attention you deserve!

It’s a tried and trusted recipe for getting the right audience and getting your customers to tip more generously.

If you have to, save up and speak to a couple of plastic surgeons to know your options. 

I know we talk a lot in the stripper world, so ask questions from other ladies who have done it. They’re in a good position to offer referrals and recommendations.

While getting a boob job or breast implant is great, try not to go crazy with it as it could also affect your flexibility on the pole.

Knock off about 6 – 12 weeks on your calendar to heal properly from your breast implant and you’ll be glowing hot when you return to the pole!

Consider Liposuction

Liposuction 360 or weight trading is a great way to reinvent your looks and channel some excess fat into the right spots.

You could skip the weight loss aspect and instead apportion the excess fat into the necessary areas of your boons and butt. You’ll surely thank yourself for doing this.

However, I advise you to consult a reputable plastic surgeon who can conduct preliminary checks to ensure you’re the right candidate based on genetic makeup and medical history.

It’s always important to invest in a reputable surgeon with great reviews from people you already know. The ROI is insane!

Pro Tip: Consider bulking up for months before your liposuction (discuss with your provider).

Makeup and Cosmetic Choices

One of the biggest selling points in the nightlife scene is the quality of your makeup and makeover.

Standing out isn’t easy, so you want to create an identity for yourself. Start by choosing a theme you can live with.

Common themes that fetch good attention and money are;

  • High Fem/Barbie aesthetics
  • Tape in extensions and Wigs (Blonde does an excellent job)
  • Kinky hairstyles
  • Neon bikinis and Expensive lingerie
  • Clean / Girl Next Door vibe
  • EDM / Rave girly or pin-ups
  • Hippie /Chill girl and swinger
  • Bimbo hippie
  • Grunge femme 
  • Sexy demon hunter 
  • Pink Primadonna
  • Nerdy and Naughty
  • 60s vibe/ Lana Del Rey
  • 70s vibe
  • Country bimbo – with a cowgirl hat and ponytails
  • Goth girl next door 
  • MILF Next Door (Include leopard skin lingerie, red lips and nails, big bouncy hair, jewelry)
  • Rubenesque Victotian Goth witch
  • Mobster mistress
  • Librarian or Teacher dominatrix

Invest in Expensive Lingerie

Most strippers don’t believe this, but men have a way of telling how expensive your lingerie might be.

Building the reputation of expensive and quality lingerie can become the selling point for your brand. This can help you command more money as you’re seen as top-of-the-shelf rather than mid-table.


The quality of your shoes and how they match your outfit can be the much-needed selling point to boost your value and tips.

Invest in great quality stripper shoes and own a variety of them, from open-toe heels to thigh-high heels. 

Please remember that you don’t have to wear stripper heels you’re not comfortable in.

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