Pro-Fit Pole vs. Lupit Pole: Which is Better & Why?

“Hello PoleShopper, The X Pole is quite out of my budget but now I’m stuck between the cheap Amazon pole, the Pro-Fit Pole vs Lupit Pole. Can you help me?”

The X Pole dance pole is often unaffordable, especially for beginner pole dancers, hence the search for alternatives. While there are several cheap Amazon dance poles you could choose from, their quality and stability are often questionable.

Like this email I got, there are many other dance pole options on the market, but as requested, I’ll give a complete breakdown and comparison between the Pro-Fit Pole and the Lupit Pole.

Granted, Lupit Pole is a more popular name and brand, but that shouldn’t rob you of the chance to explore other options, especially if they bring value and satisfaction. So, let’s jump in!

Pro-Fit Pole vs. Lupit Pole

The major difference between the Pro-Fit and Lupit Pole are the prices and affordability. Pro-Fit poles are more affordable, costing about $149, while Lupit Poles cost about $420.

According to customer reviews, both brand names deliver quickly. In fact, it can be said that the Pro-Fit Poles are delivered faster, especially if you’re an Amazon Prime customer.

Pro-Fit Pole Review
Lupit Pole Review

Customer Service

Pro-Fit Pole and Lupit Pole offer great customer service. Customers have applauded both companies for their helpfulness, especially when in need of custom poles or solutions.

Delivery Timeline

Pro-Fit Poles have a faster delivery timeline compared to Lupit Poles. This is mainly because Pro-Fit Poles are offered on Amazon, making it easier for customers to choose the most flexible delivery timelines for their purchases.

It is important to note that you can also purchase Lupit Poles on Amazon, guaranteeing the same level of flexibility. However, most purchases are made off the company’s website.

Dance Pole Spin

Both the Pro-Fit Pole and Lupit Pole offer great static and spinning modes. In fact, there have been several customer reviews from both camps regarding the fluidity of the spin feature.

LED Dance Light

Pro-Fit dance poles come with LED Dance lights as an addition to the package. The LED Dance lights have two modes; Stay on and Light Show modes.

The Stay on mode delivers a steady beam of light while the Light Show mode provides a flickering effect, turning your home into a live stripper club for a spicier performance.

Lupit Pole, on the other hand, does not have a LED light. You’ll need to buy this separately if you fancy the display.

Ease of Installation and Portability 

Both the Pro-Fit Poles and Lupit Poles come with a dance bag, making them portable to carry around (depending on the stripper pole model you’ve purchased). In addition, both stripper poles have been applauded for their ease of installation and removal.

You can read our guide on installing your dance pole and taking down a dance pole to get started.

Pro-Fit Customer Review
Lupit Pole Customer Review

Dance Pole Size & Finishes

The Pro-Fit dance pole is available in 45mm and 50mm sizes, while Lupit Pole is available mainly in the 45mm option.

For the finishes, the Pro-Fit Poles are limited to mainly stainless steel stripper poles, while Lupit Poles are available in stainless steel, chrome, and powder-coated finishes.

Custom Sizes For Different Ceiling Heights

Lupit Pole allows for customers to call in to discuss custom stripper pole sizes to meet their specific ceiling heights. This means you can trust Lupit Poles to cater to your tall ceilings, short ceilings, or even slanted or vaulted ceilings.

On the other hand, the Pro-Fit Poles do not offer much customization features, except for the main poles A and B and the extension poles that can be tweaked to meet specific ceiling heights.

So, if you have an extremely tall ceiling or need a ceiling mount, an X Pole or a Lupit Pole may be the best option for you.


To round up the comparison, here are some of the features to expect from each stripper pole brand;


  • Easier to install and doesn’t require drilling
  • Offers safe thread lock and upper disc flex system to absorb bending force
  • Improved spin and better stability
  • Smoother design
  • Static and Spinning modes
  • Removable multi-piece dance pole with one 500 mm extension included
  • Available in chrome, stainless steel, and powder-coated finishes
  • Supports ceilings from 2300 mm up to 2800 mm


  • Easy to set up and take down (without needing a ladder or tools)
  • Comes with a carrying case for easy transportation
  • Static and spinning modes to cater to all needs
  • Perfect for ceilings between 7’6” to 9’
  • Can withstand up to 250 lbs of weight
  • Comes with LED dance light with two modes; Stay On and Light Show
  • Pro-Joint technology for improved stability and function.
  • Perfect for home use.

So, there you have it. You should go for the Lupit Pole if you’re looking to build the perfect pole for your specific ceiling height or if you have a slanted, vaulted, or sloped ceiling. On the other hand, the Pro-Fit Pole is a perfect money saver, especially if you’re on a budget – it also comes with the added LED light which is detachable.

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