40mm vs. 45mm vs. 50mm: What Dance Pole Diameter To Get

Stripper pole dancing is a great way to exercise your body, become more flexible, and build strength. However, if you’re new to it, choosing the right pole diameter for your dance moves may be challenging.

Most stripper poles are available in the 40mm, 42mm, 45mm, 48mm, and 50mm options. However, the 45mm is the standard stripper pole dancing pole.

Sometimes, the standard size may not work for you, whether because your hands are smaller or bigger. Here is a comparison to help you know which to choose. 

40mm vs 45mm vs 50mm Dance Poles

The biggest difference between the 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm dance poles is that;

  • The 40mm dance poles are perfect for a petite dancer with smaller hands.
  • The 45mm dance poles are the industry standard and the most popular option
  • The 50mm dance poles are perfect for leg-grip moves like cross knee release, knee hold, and inverted crucifix drop. 

Important Features of Each Dance Pole Diameter

40mm Dancing Poles

The 40mm dancing poles are smaller, with a slightly better grip than the 45mm poles. The poles are perfect for dancers with smaller hands, allowing them to wrap their fingers perfectly around them. 

42mm Dancing Poles

They are a little bigger than the 40mm dancing poles and are quite scarce in the market. Currently, only a few manufacturers are offering the 40mm diameter stripper dancing pole.

45mm Dancing Poles

The 45mm dancing poles are the current industry stripper pole standard. The Chrome Portable Pole Dancing Pole is the commonest option among readers looking to buy a dancing pole for home use.

48mm Dancing Poles

The 48mm dancing poles, also known as the Chinese dance poles, are similar to the 45mm dancing poles but have a silicone coating on the outside. This pole is recommended only for professional use. They are also commonly used by male strippers for extreme pole tricks.

Pro Tip: Moms or beginner pole dancers should avoid silicone dance poles. They are not a great choice for fitness pole dancing.

50mm Dancing Poles

The 50mm dancing poles were the original industry standard before the 45mm dancing poles came about. They are still available on the market and are selected based on individual preferences.

Unlike the 45mm dancing poles, the 50mm dancing poles’ grip is wider and known to cause grip-related issues. You’re better off without the 50mm poles as a beginner.

40mm vs. 45mm vs. 50mm Dancing Poles Compared

Based on Popularity

The 45mm dance poles are the most popular option in the market, especially as they are the industry standard and a neutral option for small and large palms. 

However, the 50mm dance poles were formerly the industry standard. They were changed because many women had issues wrapping their hands around the pole’s diameter.

The 40mm dance poles are becoming increasingly popular, especially due to an increase in petite dancers.

Based on Grip

The 40mm dance poles are great for grips, especially because the hands wrap around them firmly. They are also perfect for dancers with smaller hands.

The 50mm dance poles are larger and may cause pain to dancers struggling with their grip. When improperly held, the 50mm dance poles can lead to wrist and finger injuries.

Based on Dance Moves

Aside from the grip, the flexibility of dance moves is another important factor when selecting a stripper pole size for dancing. Beginners are better off with the 40mm and 45mm dance poles. These poles allow them to learn the ropes faster.

Most professional dancers also prefer the 45mm stripper pole, especially as it has become the industry standard.

Based on Finishes

The 45mm dance poles and 50mm stripper poles are available in versatile material options, including stainless steel, chrome, powder coated, silicone, brass, and titanium finishes.

The 40mm dance poles are available in limited options of brass and chrome finishes. 

Based on Spin

Spinning is a huge part of stripper pole dancing. The 40mm stripper pole supports greater spin and flexibility than the 45mm and 50mm dance poles.

Due to the diameter, it’ll be difficult to complete extreme moves on the 50mm stripper pole.

The Price, Weight, & Stability

Most stripper poles have similar price points, irrespective of the diameter. However, the prices may vary based on the finishes and type.

The price in itself shouldn’t be a huge concern when selecting between the different stripper pole diameters. However, the 45mm is perfect if you have high ceilings and hope to resell your dance pole someday.

Additional Factors

The 40mm stripper pole can be a little constricting, especially as you may find it harder to use other dance pole diameters. However, the 45mm dance poles are a perfect middle-ground, allowing you to move slightly up or down the diameter ladder without much problems.

So, there you have it. For smaller hands, try the 40mm stripper pole. For versatility and resale value, go for the 45mm dancing pole.

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