Pleasers vs. Hella Heels: Honest Truth Before Buying

So you’ve started pole dancing for a month, maybe more, and want to treat yourself or looking for a pole dancing heel for a loved one? You’re likely to face the Pleasers vs. Hella Heels dilemma.

As two of the commonest names in the pole dancing heels community, Pleasers and Hella Heels offer some great products, but one’s surely better than the other, depending on what you’re looking for.

So, let’s dig in and help you find the perfect heels for yourself or a loved one.

Pleasers vs. Hella Heels

There are a ton of factors to consider before shelling out your hard-earned $$$ on a pole dancing heel. You want the best customer service (in case of an error), the best price, quality heels, and the most comfortable experience.

I have considered all these and broken down the comparison based on the important points you may want to know before buying.

xPleasersHella Heels
Customer ServiceSlightly BetterNot so great
Heel QualityThe zippers give way quickly.
Decent quality for the price.
Long-lasting with proper maintenance.
The back seams loosen quickly.
Durable with minimal use.
Heel Size & SizingTrue to size. Buy one size up/down.
Return & Refund PolicyReturns are allowed up to 45 days after purchase.
Refunds are available, depending on the circumstances.
Returns are allowed up to 45 days after purchase.
Refunds are available in special instances.
Feet TypeWide feet / Flat feet with low arches Smaller feet with high arches
Delivery Timeline1 – 3 days in the USNo set timeline for the rest of the world.2 – 5 days to the UK, US, and across Europe.7 – 15 days for the rest of the world.
Pleasers vs. Hella Heels Comparison

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Customer Service

Pleasers offers slightly better customer service compared to Hella Heels. While Pleasers isn’t 100% on its customer service, many customers have complained about Hella Heels’ treatment. 

Surely, both brands aim to deliver premium quality customer care, but more customers are finding it increasingly easier to get a hold of Pleasers’ team for complaints than the Hella Heels’ Team.


Hella Heels’ products are more expensive compared to Pleaser shoes. The higher cost can be traced to the aesthetic finish of Hella Heels products. 

Pole dancers on a budget may need to decide which they love more, the aesthetics at a higher price or a decent (less aesthetic) Pleaser shoe. 

Please note that pleaser shoes are gorgeous and available in various options; however, the consensus among pole dancers is that Hella Heels’ shoes are shinier and more aesthetic.

Heel Quality 

Pleaser shoes are slightly better than Hella Heels in terms of quality and durability. Most pole dancers admit to having had their Pleaser shoes for years, while in most cases, Hella Heels come apart quicker.

The commonest issue with Hella Heels is the back seams, especially if buying a thigh-high Hella Heels. The back seams often tend to come off quicker due to use or folding when repacking the shoes in the box or closet.

The commonest issue with Pleaser shoes is the zippers. The zippers used to be better but have gone down the hill lately. So, you may have better luck buying a Please show without zipper. 

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Heel Size & Sizing

Pleasers are true to size, but you may have to buy one size up/down for Hella Heels. If buying Hella Heels boots, you should consider buying one size up to improve your comfort and sizing.

However, if you’ve bought a tight Pleaser or Hella Heels, you can use the heat from your hair dryer or a shoe expander to expand the tight shoes for a better fit. 

To use the hair dryer method, place your hair dryer at a reasonable distance from your shoe and direct the heat to the tight area (often around the toe area). Size the shoe periodically during the heating process to gauge the expansion.

If you’ve bought a bigger size, use insoles to cushion your feet or return.

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Return & Refund Policy 

Both Pleasers and Hella Heels offer a full refund if the shoes are unworn, unused, unwashed, and returned within 45 days of purchase. However, you’ll bear the postage cost to return the shoes to the manufacturer.

According to Pleasers, you cannot return closeout or final sale items. Items returned in unacceptable conditions will be held for 7 days with no credit/refunds processed.

Hella Heels, on the other hand, requires that returns be made with the shoe in its original packaging with tags attached and an undamaged shoe box (with no labels). Damaged shoe boxes will attract a £2.50 GBP penalty.

Customers have also noted that Hella Heels offers a 15% discount on early damaged shoes instead of replacing them. On the other hand, you may have a bit of better luck replacing your Pleaser shoes.

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Feet Type

Hella Heels are perfect for smaller feet with high arches, while Pleasers are great for wider feet with low arches. Pole dancers with flat feet can buy Pleasers for improved support and comfort. 

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Delivery Timeline

Hella Heels delivers between 2 – 5 days to the UK, US, and across Europe. Customers in Hong Kong, Australia, and the rest of the world have to wait 7-15 days to get their orders.

Pleasers ship priority orders within 1 – 2 business days and standard orders within 3 business days for US customers. Customers from the rest of the world may need to contact customer service for inquiries on estimated shipping and delivery timelines.

Please note that Hella Heels is a European brand, meaning faster deliveries in Europe, while Pleaser Shoes is an American brand, meaning quicker US deliveries.

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