Skin Care Advice, Tips for Strippers and Pole Dancers

Stripping is a hugely aesthetic career, meaning you’ll likely make more sales for looking beautiful and having fresher skin. 

Getting your skin to look its best can always be a hassle, so I’ve researched some of the best skincare tips and products for strippers and pole dancers. 

These aren’t just online recommendations but products I’ve tried and have received first-hand reviews from my friends and students.

Here’s the secret to milky skin as a woman, stripper, or pole dancer.

Exfoliate Your Skin 

Exfoliation removes dirty and dry layers on your skin. It also removes club dirt and bacteria you may have picked up from the poles or while sitting on chairs, couches, and surfaces.

I use exfoliating salt and natural coffee scrub to scrub and clean my coochie area for the best results. 

For my body, I use Baiden Exfoliator mittens. It’s perfect for sensitive skin and is chemical-free.

Exfoliating also helps if you lead an active lifestyle or prefer to wax your coochie area and legs. It’ll keep your skin from growing over the waxed or shaved hair pores, reduce skin irritation, and minimize skin redness.

If you’re dealing with razor bumps or ingrown hair, use KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub Jumbo – it’s the holy grail of ingrown hair.  

Another alternative is EWC Ingrown Hair Serum for ingrown hair around your vagina and on the legs. It’s super delicate and safe.

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Use Tree Oil or Disinfectant After Shaving or Waxing

Keeping your coochie area clean and friendly requires deliberate efforts.

I recommend using Pure tree oil and diaper rash cream to keep your vagina area smooth and clean.

While waxing is a great way to clear the bush down there, I’ve seen many women choose to shave.

If shaving, use men’s razor and men’s shaving cream for a smoother and gentler outcome. Back when I used to shave, I used Tend Skin Air Shave Gel and it worked wonders.

Shower After Shifts

Most girls wipe their bodies during the break time between shifts. This can be very bad for your skin, especially due to the mixture of sweat and other contaminants.

I recommend showering after every shift. It’ll really boost your confidence, personal hygiene, and skin health.

I always have Hibiclens anti-microbial skin cleaners ready to use in between shifts. I use it specifically for my body and butt area because, let’s be honest, who knows what kind of filth is on the chairs, couches, stages, and poles.

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Wear Skirts Between Shifts

I recommend wearing skirts or something to cover your butt area (towels are also okay) in-between shifts.

I see a lot of girls walking around in thongs, sitting on anything without care. I can’t bring myself to accept that for me.

If I don’t have skirts or anything covering, I always have a silk scarf/robe or a small dog blanket to sit on when moving around the club. That way, my butt skin does not directly touch the club’s surfaces.

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Take Long Epsom Baths on Your Off-Days 

Epsom baths are great for re-mineralizing and healing your skin. I recommend taking long, therapeutic Epsom baths at least once a week, preferably on your off or lazy day.

I use Dr Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt, but you can use just any other salt that works great for you.

Soak, relax, play a carefully curated chill song, and maybe get yourself a bottle of wine to pass time.

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Moisturize Your Body 

Moisturizers are an important tool in your arsenal, especially if you want a fresh, milky, soft, and baby-like cream.

There are hundreds of skin moisturizing products out there but I’ve had success using coconut oil-based moisturizers. You can also use Palmer’s cocoa creams for new moms if you have stretch marks or cellulite.

But note that not everybody can use coconut oil. Some people are sensitive to coconut oil, so, needless to say – stay away from coconut oil if your body reacts negatively to it.

Reddit and Reader Tips

As always, we are open to reader emails and will update posts accordingly. Here are some other tips from Reddit and our readers.

“Do your night routine before bed and morning routine before you begin your day. The only thing that you need to be aware of is the relationship between Vit. C and retinol – and that you shouldn’t wear retinol in the sunlight. 

Also, skincare doesn’t have to be complicated or excessive. It can be as simple as washing and moisturizing if that’s all you can do, need to do, or want to do. 

if you do skincare before makeup, try to let the skincare soak into your skin for at least 5 minutes before doing your makeup.”

“If you’re going to sleep in the next hours, do your PM routine at that time. Ideally let each skincare product really sink in for a few min before the next one

Save retinols for PM/non-sun exposure related hours a couple times a week and using them together with a vitamin C serum (barring irritation) is great for preventing signs of aging while supporting skin health etc. I love La Roche Posay’s line for my cleanser and double repair moisturizer, straight jojoba oil as a serum, pure rosewater as toner.”

Put the serums under make up. I use mineral powder make up. The serums protect against the dirty air and smoke in the club”

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