US Cities With The Most Strip Clubs

A lot has changed in the nightlife industry over the past few years. Portland used to hold the record for having the most strip clubs back in 2015, although it still has the most strip clubs per capita than any other city in the United States.

So, if you’re looking to work as a baby stripper or pro or for some good old fun in a nice gentlemen’s bar, here’s a list of US cities with the most strip clubs.

Call it an all-you-can-handle list for strip club exploration.

Quick Facts About US Strip Clubs

  • There are about 4,000 strip clubs in the United States.
  • Strippers earn between $40,000 and $100,000 annually.
  • $4.1 billion is the annual estimated revenue generated by US strip clubs
  • Strip club owners make between $50,000 to $500,000 per annum.
  • Over 75,000 people work in the strip club and adult entertainment industry, including dancers, servers, and management staff.
  • Portland has the most strip clubs (53) per capita. That’s 1.92 strip clubs per 100,000 residents.

Top 3 US Cities With the Highest Number of Strip Clubs

Houston, TX – 65 Strip Clubs

Houston has about 65 strip clubs, which makes it the US City with the highest number of strip clubs. Strippers in Houston, TX, make between $25 – $100 per lap dance and can earn between $100 – $1,000 per night, depending on whether it’s a holiday or special event.

The Houston nightlife and gentlemen’s club scene is one of the most liberal, although highly regulated by the authorities.

But if you consider that Houston has about 2.2 million in population, then the number of strip clubs begins to shrink.

While Houston has the highest number of strip clubs, Portland remains the capital of strip clubs as it has 54 strip clubs to its just over 500,000 residents.

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Portland, OR – 54 Strip Clubs

Portland, Oregon has the highest number of strip clubs per capita, with 54 strip clubs serving its entire population. 

The West Coast town is known for some of the biggest strip clubs and nightlife entertainment centers, with plenty of money to be made by both newbies and pros.

The fun fact is Portland’s strip club population has significantly reduced compared to what it was about 20 years ago. Then, every neighborhood would have at least one strip club with a stage pole. Fake tans and silicon hadn’t become a thing, but you’d surely find lots of tattoos and hair color.

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Los Angeles, CA – 52 Strip Clubs

You can expect Los Angeles to make the list of the top 3 US cities with the most strip clubs for obvious reasons too. The city of Angels has one too many angels ready to make your night an interesting one, literally and figuratively.

The LA strip club business is booming largely due to the high-income area as well as the diverse interest. You’ll find strippers of all sizes and shapes making up to $4,000 a night on good nights.

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US Cities With The Most Strip Clubs Ranking

RankUS City, StateNo. of Strip Clubs
1.Houston, TX65
2. Portland, OR54
 3.Los Angeles, CA52
 4.Las Vegas, NV34
 5.Philadelphia, PA33
 6.Detroit, MI32
 7.Phoenix, AZ31
 8.Atlanta, GA30
 9.Tampa, FL28
 10.Baltimore, MD26
 11.Dallas, TX26
 12.New Orleans, LA23
 13.Columbus, OH22
 14.Jacksonville, FL22
 15.Miami, FL20
 16.Cleveland, OH20
 17.Indianapolis, IN20
 18.Louisville, KY18
 19.Fort Worth, TX17
 20Fayetteville, NC15
 21.Honolulu, HI14
 22.Charlotte, NC14
 23.Newark, NJ12
 24.Oklahoma City, OK12
 25.Denver, CO12
 26.El Paso, TX12
 27.San Francisco, CA12
 28.Minneapolis, MN11
 29.Greensboro, NC10
 30.Toledo, OH10
 31.Seattle, WA10
 32.Orlando, FL9
 33.Corpus Christi, TX9
 34.Anaheim, CA9
 35.Lexington, KY8
 36.Tucson, AZ8
 37.Richmond, VA7
 38.Tulsa, OK7
 39.Rochester, NY6
 40.Boise, ID5
 41.Reno, NV5
 42.Pittsburgh, PA5
 43.Des Moines, IO4
 44.Birmingham, AL4
 45.Durham, NC4
 46.St. Petersburg, FL4
 47.Buffalo, NY4
 48.Oxnard, CA3
 49.Chesapeake, VA3
 50.Hialeah, FL3
US Cities With The Most Strip Clubs Ranking

US States With The Most Strip Clubs

RankUS StateNo. of Strip Clubs
 5.New York124
 6.New Jersey117
 10.North Carolina80
 17.South Carolina44
 21.West Virginia40
 35.South Dakota12
 36.Rhode Island10
 38.New Mexico10
 47.North Dakota4
 49.New Hampshire2
US States With The Most Strip Clubs

Who’s the Richest Strip Club Owner in The US?

Micheal Ocello, owner of Scores strip club, is the highest-earning strip club owner in the US, with an estimated net worth of $1.4 billion.

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