Stripper Pole for Short Ceilings: Your Options

I received a couple of emails about stripper poles for short ceilings just after I published the stripper pole for tall ceiling blog post. One very touching post I also found reads, “I’m on the verge of just packing up and finding a new place to live because I want to put my own pole up so badly…”

Nobody should be deprived of the chance to pole dance just because their apartment has a low ceiling. It’s also bad when you need to look for a new place just because of this one issue.

So, I’ve asked around, and I think there’s an impressive solution to this problem, especially if your ceiling is just above 6ft or under 7ft 6.

The Solution:

A great idea would be to purchase a dance pole with two main poles and extensions. I’m sure that the X Pole offers main poles A and B, as well as other extension poles.

You can buy that and switch out pole B with any of the extension poles. This can be tweaked to fit your ceiling height.

Another alternative is to call your preferred dance pole brand to inquire about any custom pole offers. I’m quite sure that X Pole offers the Build A Pole option that allows you to build your pole to meet your ceiling height. Lupit Pole also does something close.

The Reservation:

The major issue I may have with this is that it’s not a sustainable long-term plan, especially if you’re renting. You may need to buy a new pole or spend more on pole extensions if you eventually move to a new apartment with a tall ceiling.

Again, my advice stands that you should buy your pole from a brand that offers main poles A and B or two main poles and some extensions. That way, you can adapt your pole to fit a normal ceiling or short ceiling height wherever you move to.

Review from a fellow pole dancer with a similar experience:

“I have a 6’9” ceiling, which is a little shorter than most ceilings. To solve this issue, I bought the 500mm extension as a replacement for my main B pole.

I combined the 500mm extension with my A Pole (which already came with 125mm and 250mm extensions). I mainly tweaked the adjuster at the bottom of the pole and I got the right height for my ceiling.

I’ll advise that you get in touch with your preferred brand’s customer service to ask specific questions and directions. In my case, I bought an X Pole (for obvious reasons), and their customer service guys were amazing with the specific advice given. They worked with me to find a solution to my unconventionally short ceiling – apparently, there’s a whole bunch of people with a similar problem.”

Another reader has mailed in her input:

“Hi there, I struggled with having a short ceiling too and couldn’t find just the right stripper pole (dance pole) for my apartment. I followed your advice and bought a pole with two main poles in its kit. I think one thing that worked out for me was the extra tweak I added.

I wanted extra space, so I replaced the dome on my dance pole with a permanent mount. I must warn that this will require a bit more installation steps (you’ll need to screw the mount into a joist) and is perfect for pole dancers who want to keep their poles up permanently.

I’ve read an article here on hiding or disguising your dance pole, it may be a good resource for others.”

Update: Another reader review

“Hi PS, thanks for the post on dance poles and short ceilings. I struggled with mine after moving into a new apartment. It was either I found a solution or I stopped pole dancing. If you know me, you know giving up pole dancing isn’t an option.

I followed your advice but chose a permanent mount as I intend to retain this apartment for a while and would rather not deal with the stress of taking down and installing my dance pole.

Thanks for the guide on installing a dance pole btw! I read it all, from the garage installation guide to the one about mobile homes. I finally used the guide here and here. They were so helpful.

PS: Thanks for including the videos too, made it simpler!”  

Thanks to all the readers who have sent their emails in.

One final note, if you’re shopping for a stripper pole for short ceilings, you may want to consider the type of crash mat and shoes to buy. The shoes and mat can steal some inches off your setup.

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