Barefeet, Ballet Slippers, or Pleaser Boots? What & How to Choose

What’s your favorite pole dancing shoes? Barefeet, Ballet Slippers, or Pleaser Heels?

When I get questions like this, I’m tempted to say it boils down to personal preference. However, again, I’m reminded that many pole dancers are actually comfortable with all three and won’t mind knowing what to use and when.

If you’re a ballet dancer who has crossed into pole dancing and pole fitness, you’re more likely to be familiar with ballet slippers and their soft touch. However, it’s easier to also feel different, especially when every other person in your pole dancing class is wearing Pleasers or boots.

With that in mind, I’ll be answering the question as extensively as I can. Here goes.

Can I Wear Ballet Heels For Pole Dancing?

Yes, you can wear ballet heels for pole dancing, as long as you are comfortable in them. Ballet slippers are flat and feel almost non-existent on the legs. In fact, they can be a one-step upgrade to pole dancing barefooted.

If you’re not particularly happy with pole dancing bare feet in public spaces (that is, pole studios and classes), ballet slippers are the best option for you until you become familiar with Pleasers and heels.

Although I have recommended ballet slippers as the go-to option if you don’t wish to pole bare feet, some people do not mind. For this class of students, you can pole dance barefooted for as long as possible.

Transitioning from Bare Feet to Heels for Pole Dancing

Dancing bare feet is a great way to learn the basics of pole dancing, however, as you improve on yourself and dance moves, you’ll get drawn to heels.

Pole dancing heels are great for many reasons – they increase your height and allow you to practice some new moves excellently. They are also great for balance and add aesthetic razzle-dazzle to your performance.

So, if you’re at the intermediate stage where the heels are beckoning, it’s only fair that you know everything about pole dancing heels and how to choose the right one.

Choosing the Right Pole Dancing Heels

Similar to any other fitness activity, pole dancing and stripping require a different type of shoe. The shoes you choose can also reflect your level and how familiar you are with heels.

As a rule of thumb, I recommend starting small, especially if you aren’t too familiar with heels and pole dancing shoes. You can start with the 4 ½ to 6 inches heels as a beginner. This gives you all the flexibility you need while mastering heels and their basics.

The low-end heels also save you from injuries, and you don’t have to worry about the base snapping off during your routine.

As an intermediate pole dancer who has gotten familiar with the 6 inches heels, now is the time to test your ankles with a 7-inch heel. Once mastered, you can go for the 9 to 10-inch heels with confidence.

How To Break In Your New Shoes

Breaking in your new shoes is just as important as breaking in your new dance poles.

Start by warming the shoes up using your hair dryer set on low. It’s important not to get the shoes too hot as it can damage it. Place the hair dryer at a distance and on low heat to warm the shoe up before wearing them.

Once warmed up, go on to wear them around the house. This helps your feet adjust to the shoes. It also helps you gauge your comfort level and whether the shoes are the right size. You also gain a higher level of confidence as you strut around your house in the new shoes.

Once comfortable, approach your dance pole and start with some basic warmups, from floor dance to walking around the pole. You can then begin your pole dancing session as you feel more confident maneuvering in the shoes.

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