Can I Pole Dance While Pregnant? Expert Advice!

Pregnancy comes with many hormonal and physiological changes, so it’s no wonder you’re asking yourself the hard question; “Can I pole dance while pregnant,” or “Is pole dancing safe during pregnancy.”

Discovering I was pregnant with my first child came with a lot of changes. Depending on your body and pregnancy symptoms, you can easily tell if you’ll be able to engage your dance pole during the journey.

Although there are loads of research and medical advice on the impact of physical fitness on pregnancy and the baby’s health, it all boils down to YOU and your health.

So, should you pole dance while pregnant? Here are the important bits of information to remember during this delicate period.

Is Pole Dancing Safe During Pregnancy?

Pole dancing is safe during pregnancy if your OBGYN, midwife, or healthcare provider has cleared you. Approach the pole cautiously, make necessary adaptations, and avoid new, difficult, or strenuous dance poses during this period.

Attempting difficult dance positions, tricks, or poses during pregnancy can cause overstretching, which can harm your fitness goals and your baby. It is important to keep things simple during this time while focusing on flexibility.

Please Note: I recommend avoiding swift and dynamic tricks like flips, drops, rotating moves, and fonjis. They can be disorienting and can lead to injuries.

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Pole Dancing During Pregnancy: When You Shouldn’t! 

Pole dancing during pregnancy should be avoided if you’ve been medically advised against it. In fact, pole dancing and any form of heavy fitness exercise should be avoided if you’ve been diagnosed with any of the conditions below or fall into one or more of these categories;

  • You’re a novice, a beginner, or have been away from the pole for more than six months
  • Diagnosed with preeclampsia
  • Diagnosed with incompetent cervix
  • Diagnosed with placenta previa
  • Suffer from pregnancy-induced high blood pressure
  • You’re experiencing vaginal bleeding
  • Diagnosed with amniotic fluid leakage
  • Diagnosed with severe anemia
  • Experiencing multiple gestations with pre-term labor risks
  • Experiencing regular or painful contractions
  • Experiencing lightheadedness, feeling faint or dizzy
  • Experiencing new shortness of breath
  • Suffering headache, chest pain, calf pain, or swelling after pole dancing or exercise

Pole Dancing While Pregnant: Expert Advice!

The most important thing during pregnancy is to listen to your body and what it tells you. Many women undergo different physiological and hormonal changes that leave them stressed and unable to pole dance. If you’re in this situation, you should wait it out until your baby arrives.

However, if you’re strongly considering returning to the pole after discovering you’re pregnant, here is some expert advice to keep in mind!

Seek Medical Advice!

Nothing beats seeking medical advice on symptoms, health, and pregnancy-related changes. If in doubt, ring up your medical provider, doctor, or midwife to ask questions down to the specific details. Your medical provider can give excellent advice based on your condition, medical history, and how confident they are in your health.

It is important to observe caution and moderation even if your medical provider has given the go-ahead! Doing this can help prevent complications.

Focus on simple moves

Pole dancing during pregnancy can be extremely tough on your body. You shouldn’t be pushing yourself harder than your body can take. I recommend practicing simple moves to keep your body in shape and your heart healthy.

You should also avoid moves and combo tricks that can strain your back and abdominal region. As advised earlier, avoid spinning motions or drops that could put your head, neck, or belly at risk.

Modify your routine

Every pole dancer has their go-to routine. However, with pregnancy changes, you should be open to modifying those routines to reflect your current physiological state.

As a rule of thumb, keep your workout and pole dancing routine flexible as you progress on your pregnancy journey. Remember that the first trimester often allows you to do much more compared to the last trimester. Switch up your routine to reflect the pregnancy’s growth and to accommodate for the stomach size changes.

Accept Your Body and Be You

You’re doing an amazing thing by pole dancing during pregnancy. You shouldn’t mount unnecessary pressure on yourself to outperform anyone.


Start by accepting that your body isn’t what it was. There’s life growing inside of you, and for that reason, you’re doing an amazing job. Put yourself and your baby first! Always ensure that you listen to your body, rest when necessary, and enjoy every bit of your pregnancy!

When to Stop Pole Dancing During Pregnancy: The Important Signs  

You should stop pole dancing during pregnancy if you notice urinary leaks. Urinary leaks during exercises is a sign that your pelvic floor cannot withstand the exercise stress. As stated earlier, you should also listen to your body and its wants throughout the pregnancy.

I hope you’ve found this blog post informative and enlightening? I look forward to sharing some more information and answering your questions.

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