Weight Loss Tips: Burning Fat With Pole Dancing

One of the commonest questions we get is; Is Pole Dancing Good For Weight Loss?

Yes! Whether you’re engaging in pole dancing when overweight or for fitness, pole dancing is an exercise that improves your muscle firmness and flexibility and burns calories.

The truth is that you can lose weight and burn fat with pole dancing. However, like every other exercise or fitness regimen, you must be religious with your pole dancing session and watch what you eat.

Looking for how to lose weight with pole dance? This is your complete weight loss through pole dancing bible! Keep it safe and follow the instructions religiously.

How Many Calories Can You Burn Up To Doing Pole Dance Workouts

You can burn as much as 441 calories per hour when pole dancing. However, the number of calories you burn during an average pole dancing session will depend on how much physical exertion you undergo as well as the pole moves you attempt.

It is important to set realistic expectations, especially when you’re pole dancing as an overweight or plus-sized person. The first step is to get comfortable with a routine and improve on the routine over time.

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Tips For Burning Calories With Pole Dance

Ready to lose some weight and shed some fat with pole dancing? Below are some tips to follow.

Eat Only When You’re Hungry 

The food you eat is one of the biggest barriers to the success of your weight loss journey. As a plus-size pole dancer, consuming calories will not help your weight loss journey.

We recommend eating only when you’re hungry to get the best outcome.

This will require a lot of discipline, especially as you will not only be cutting your food intake frequency but also the type of food you consume.

Do away with high-calorie diets and instead focus on a healthy diet rich in protein, fruits, and vegetables.

Eat More Protein 

Protein is a great source of nutrients for the body. As one of the three main macronutrients in food, it helps with growth, repair, and development.

Consuming a healthy amount of protein with every diet will provide your body with the essential building blocks to repair worn and stressed muscles and tissues. Proteins also provide your body with the needed energy once fat and calories have been broken down during your pole dancing session.

To get the most protein, consider incorporating the following in your diet;

  • Porridge with fruits, protein powder, and peanut butter for breakfast.
  • Chicken with rice and vegetables for lunch
  • Salmon salad or any fish and vegetable mix for dinner.

Ensure you’re only taking the right portion of food per meal time. In fact, we recommend taking several small portions of food per day (not more than 5 times) to replace heavy meals. Doing this gives your body enough time to break the food down and reduces fat accumulation.

Drink Lots of Water

Water is a great ingredient on your weight loss journey. Not only does water help with circulation, digestion, and heat transfer, it can also fill you up. By taking enough water daily, you can also flush and detox your system, thus encouraging your digestive organs to function faster in breaking down food items.

While drinking lots of water, it is best to cut out your fizzy drink intake. This can also help to reduce the amount of gas stored in your body and combat bloating.

Stick to a Regular Pole Dance and Exercise Schedule

Consistency is one of the most important things on your weight loss journey. Looking to lose weight with pole dancing? Maintain a consistent schedule of pole dancing sessions.

We recommend doing some light warmups and stretching on days you cannot meet up with your pole dancing schedule.

The ultimate key is to keep moving, either through walks, jogs, or running.

Eat Lots of Vegetables

Vegetables are great for the body. Not only do they contain micronutrients and vitamins, but they also serve as roughages to help your bowel movement.

Never skip your veggies, and you’ll see results as quickly as possible. If you’re ever discouraged, think of ways to spice things up to make your veggies more appealing.

Cut Out Your Junk Food Intake

Pole dancing and junk food do not mix. Engaging in any fitness exercise and returning to junk food is counterproductive to your health and fitness journey.

Remember that the journey to weight loss through pole dancing is paved with consistency and discipline. Think of how hard you want to achieve your goals and stick to the plan.

Get Enough Rest

The rest period is a great time for your body to recover and repair. Not having enough rest can affect how your body functions and heals.

We recommend scheduling your pole dancing sessions such that you have at least one rest day per week. You should also ensure that you’re getting enough sleep as this is the time when the body flushes harmful chemical buildup out of your system.

Not resting enough can hurt your progress and complicate your weight loss journey.

Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

Eating healthy and having a fitness lifestyle does not mix with alcohol. While you may not necessarily cut out alcohol completely (which is the right thing to do), you can drastically limit your intake.

This can mean taking only a measured quantity of alcohol at social events. It also means avoiding awkward social situations where you may need to consume more than a fair share of alcohol.

Cutting alcohol from your lifestyle will significantly improve your quality of life and contribute to a faster weight loss outcome.

What are the Other Benefits of Pole Dancing?

While pole dancing can help you lose weight, the benefits do not stop there. Some other benefits of pole dancing include building upper body strength, improved flexibility, reduced stress and anxiety, improved self-confidence and self-esteem, improved bone and joint health, better sleep quality, and a boost in mental health and alertness.

How Soon Can I Pole Dance Breast Augmentation?

You need to wait at least six weeks (6 weeks) after a breast augmentation before engaging in any physical activity. Most plastic surgeons recommend waiting between 3 and 6 months post-surgery before returning to pole dancing.

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