Guaranteed Ways to Build Upper Body Strength for Pole Dancing

There are no special tricks to achieving exceptional pole positions. The secret is in upper-body strength. A stronger upper body improves your agility and control. 

Looking for ways to improve your pole dancing performance? We’ve found guaranteed ways to build strength in your upper body, even as an absolute beginner. However, if your aim is to find a quick fix, the tips below may not work for you.

Building upper body strength requires you to put in the work for the desired results. 

Ready to put in the work? Read on.

How to Build Upper Body Strength for Pole Dancing

Developing upper body strength is always a work in progress. It grows in response to the effort you put in. Check the tips below for proven steps to develop ample strength in your upper body. 

Focus on General Fitness

As a dancer, your target should be to develop full-body fitness. Upper-body fitness alone may not be enough in the long run. 

No matter how talented you are, you’ll always perform below average if your torso or limbs are weak. The goal should be to develop agility and endurance. 

Any type of fitness workout or exercise will work fine. Push-ups, benching, and weight training are some examples of fitness workouts that help.

Eat Healthily

Building strength in your upper body is not always limited to intense workouts. Simple lifestyle changes also help.

For example, eating a healthy diet is an excellent lifestyle change that works. It supplies the body with the necessary nutrients to grow and repair worn-out tissues.

Your diet should be rich in carbohydrates. It would supply the energy you need to keep pushing. Proteins, vitamins, etc., are also very essential. You can find them in vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, cereals, nuts, etc.

Train Your Upper Body

Beginners often assume that the upper body is only about the arms and core. As a pole dancer, your upper body is the entire part of your body from your waist upwards.

Whatever workout routine you choose, it must target all the parts of your upper body. It’s the only way you’ll get results in time. Your arms, back, chest, wrists, rotator cuffs, abs, shoulders, and biceps are vital parts of your upper body.

Maintain Upper Body Workout Routine

Dabbling in and out of a workout may hurt your results more than it helps. In fact, it may lead to discouragement. 

If you want to build strength in your upper body and record visible results, you must maintain a consistent upper body workout routine. 

Create a schedule and stick with it. It’s best to focus on the long term. Most workouts don’t yield results until you’ve done them over a period.

Focus on Weight Training

Weight training is also excellent for strength development, especially in the upper body. It also helps build muscle mass and agility. Each part of the upper body has a specific routine that effectively targets the tissue. The workouts listed below have been proven to yield results.

  • Bent-over row with dumbbells
  • Overhead press
  • Tricep rows
  • Biceps curl with a dumbbell
  • Chest press
  • Triceps extension

Avoid Injuries

Injuries are counterproductive in pole dancing. It stops you from pursuing your goals and results in immense setbacks. 

While injury may be a natural part of life, you must do everything you can to guard against it during and after pole dancing. Keep the pole clean and dry. Perform moves that are within your skill level.  

Follow all the safety rules and wear appropriate gear. The less time you spend recovering from physical injuries, the more time you can spend building strength in your upper body. 

Also, injuries affect you psychologically. It creates fear and self-doubt, which prevents you from achieving your goals.

Maintain a Regular Pole Dancing Schedule 

As stated before, think long-term if you want excellent results. You won’t achieve your strength goal if you stop right now. You need to keep dancing and innovating.

Automate your dancing routine by scheduling. The essence of scheduling is to internalize the habit of pole dancing until it becomes natural. If possible, block out a specific time and date on your calendar. 

It helps improve your chance of developing the habit of pole dancing regularly.

warmup workout

Upper Body Strength Workout for Pole Dancing

Now that you know how to build strength in your upper body, the list below features some upper-body strength workouts you can try at home. It also shows you how to perform them on your own.


Push-ups target your chest, shoulders, abs, arms, and trap muscles. It uses the body’s weight against the force of gravity to put pressure on the tissues of the upper body. It is one of the most versatile workouts you’ll find.

To perform a perfect push-up, get down in a prostrate posture on the floor. Stretch to your full length. With both arms aligned directly under the shoulders, lift your upper body away from the floor, using the strength of your arms and core. 

Bend your elbow to gradually lower your upper body until your chest gets as close to the floor as possible. Your body must be kept perfectly straight from head to toe.

Wall Push-Ups

The wall push-up also targets the muscles of the arms, chest, shoulders, and abs. It is more effective with an ample number of reps.

To perform a wall push-up, stand about a yard from the wall. Stretch out your arms at about your shoulders’ width and lean against the wall. 

Bend your elbow until your chest gets close to the wall. Push yourself back to your feet to complete the push-up.


Dips are a slight modification of the regular push-up. It targets the muscles of your arms, chest, and abs.

You need a bench to perform the dips. Place your hands against the bench and stretch out your legs in a prostrated posture against the bench. 

Lower your body until you are slightly below the height of the bench, then raise yourself to the initial position to complete the workout.


Chin-ups are quite advanced but very effective for building strength. It targets the muscles of the arms and traps.

To perform a chin-up, you’ll need a strong horizontal bar. Position it at a height above your head and ensure it can support your weight. Grab the bar with both hands.

Pull your body towards the bar until your chin touches the bar, then lower yourself back down. Perform as many reps as you can withstand. 

If you’ve tried several pro-level moves and discovered you’re performing below average, it may be because you’ve not given much attention to your upper body strength. Hopefully you’ve found some guaranteed ways to build upper body strength for pole dancing in this article.

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