X Pole Alternatives: Other Dance Poles You Can Buy

“Hi PS., I need a pole at home ASAP!!! But as much as I would LOVE to buy an X-Pole, I don’t really want to spend that much money right now. Are there X Pole Alternatives I can consider? Thanks.” 

X Pole is perhaps the commonest brand name in the pole dancing and stripper pole world. Their poles are known for quality, durability, resale value, and are available in different finishes but can be EXPENSIVE and hard on the pocket. 

Some of my new students have complained about expensive X Pole products, leading them to consider X Pole alternatives. While I always advise buying the best quality pole, I understand that some students may want to have a pole at home but have a limited budget.

I also understand that stripper pole rentals are not reliable as they can also be very expensive in the long and short run. I have come up with a few alternatives you can explore to improve your pole dancing experience.

X Pole Alternatives: What are My Choices?

Here are some of the recommended X Pole alternatives;

  • X Pole Sport Dance Pole
  • Lupit Pole Dance Pole
  • Yaheetech Professional Stripper Pole
  • Lil Mynx Dance Pole
  • Pro-Fit Dance Pole
  • Fit 2 Flaunt Dance Pole
  • Share with friends 

X Pole SPORT Dance Pole

x pole sport
x pole sport

The X Pole Sport costs between $120 and $190, depending on the pole finish and height. This is a significant cost saving compared to the X Pole XPert Pro, which costs between $390 and $500.

The X Pole Sport is a great option for beginners looking to own a dance pole at home without breaking the bank. You’re getting the same quality material at a lower price. The best part is that the X Pole Sport comes with its own carrying bag, unlike the X Pole XPert Pro.

X Pole SPORT Features:

  • Available in static mode only
  • Pole height is between 7’4 and 9′ with optional extension up to 11′ for high ceilings
  • Available in Chrome, Titanium Gold and Powder Coated finishes
  • Carry case included in the kit
  • Safe, sturdy, and easy to install or remove
  • Installation doesn’t require bolts, screws, or drilling to avoid ceiling damage

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Lupit Pole Portable Home Pole G2

The Lupit Pole portable home Pole G2 is also an X Pole Alternative to consider, especially because it costs less than the X Pole XPert Pro. However, it costs between $350 and $400, depending on where you’re buying from.

I’ve only suggested the Lupit Pole Dance pole because it is the closest rival to the X Pole, making it a worthy mention, especially for pole dancers who are familiar with most studio setups.


  • Available in static and spinning modes with improved spin function
  • Portable, multi-piece dance poles that are easy to install and take down for storage
  • Available in different diameters, including the standard 45mm and 42mm diameters
  • Pole height is between 7’6 and 10’9 with extension support
  • Available in different finishes
  • Responsive customer service and faster delivery in the EU regions.

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Yaheetech Professional Stripper Pole

The Yaheetech Professional Stripper Pole costs $115 for the Silver chrome-plated option and $140 for the Gold Chrome-plated option. This is one of the little-known stripper poles on the market with great reviews and thousands of 5-star ratings on Amazon. It comes in spinning and static options, offers great material design, and comes complete with an installation kit.

You could be saving a lot of money if you’re buying this. However, the resale value isn’t great compared to X Pole and Lupit Poles.


  • Available in Silver and Gold chrome-plated steel 
  • Offers static and spinning modes
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Maximum weight capacity of 441 lbs or 200kg (suitable for plus-size pole dancers)
  • The ceiling dome is wrapped in silicone rubber to prevent ceiling damage
  • Height adjustable stripper pole (8’7 to 10’8) perfect for beginners and pros

Lil Mynx Dance Pole 

The Original Colored Lil Mynx Dance poles cost $229 and are available in black or pink powder coat. You could also choose the polished stainless steel for $279. Although a less common name compared to X Pole, it is a worthy X Pole alternative and has been around for some years.

The Lil Mynx dance pole can also be purchased on an interest-free installment plan, if you’re open to such an option.


  • Available in black or pink powder coat
  • Available in standard 45mm and 50mm diameters
  • Pole height is between 8′ and 10′
  • Dance pole kit comes complete with hardware kit for use on carpeted floors 

The major downside is you may need to purchase a non-skid floor pad if you plan on installing this dance pole on a hardwood floor.

Pro-Fit Dance Pole

The Pro-Fit dance pole has also been around for a while and costs about $150 for the Chrome and White finish. Unlike most other brands I’ve discussed, the Pro-Fit is very limited in range and available in only the 45mm standard pole diameter.

The good news is that it comes with attachable LED dance lights and a carry bag. The lightweight dance pole is portable and can be easily set up or disassembled as you wish. 


  • Unique Pro-joint technology to improve locking and safety
  • Pole height is between 7’6 to 9′ but offers extension supporting up to 10ft high ceilings
  • Has LED dance lights with two modes; stay-on and light show
  • Has both static and spinning modes
  • Easy to setup and remove, and is portable to carry around
  • Comes with its own carry bag for easy transportation 
  • No screws or drilling required during installation

Fit 2 Flaunt Dance Pole

Fit 2 Flaunt is yet another name in the pole dancing and stripper pole world. Although not as common, it is also a worthy X Pole alternative to consider. The Fit 2 Flaunt Chrome Plated Portable Dance Pole Kit costs $230 while the Pink Silicone Portable Dance Pole Kit is offered at $250.

The company prides itself on good quality products and I’ve heard many nice things about them. They also have the Fit 2 Flaunt App which is a great resource for beginner pole dancers looking to learn as much as they can about the beautiful activity. 


  • Static and spinning modes with locking key included in the kit
  • Pole height is between 7’4 and 9′
  • Can support up to 330 lbs or 150kg, making it suitable for some plus-size pole dancers
  • Offers extra pole extension for tall ceilings
  • Easy to install and take down
  • Can be installed on carpet and is renter friendly for pole studios

Share With Friends

One of the easy ways to buy a dance pole on a budget is to pool money with friends to buy one. It helps if your roommate has the same interest as you. You can also pool funds to buy with a fellow classmate and rotate ownership of the pole week after week.

But I’ve seen this play out and it can lead to friction between friends, even roommates. There’s a tendency that one person may hog the pole for an unfair amount of time. 

This is the last option I’ll recommend to anybody, especially if they really need to get a dance pole but have no other means or option.

I advise that you consider the other options above first before this.

As usual, I’ll be answering some more emails in my next blog. See you then.

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