Pole Dancing & Motherhood: Tips & Tricks for New Moms

Returning to the pole after nine months of pregnancy can be strange. It’s more strange if your pregnancy was demanding and kept you away from the pole. 

I’ve been there and understand what you may feel, especially as most postpartum pole dancing classes can be difficult, even for professional pole dancers who have taken months of break. 

In this blog, I want you to know that you can do it. I also want you to know that you can regain your body, burn that baby fat, and regain your fitness with pole dancing.

Ready to brave the challenge? Here are some (new) mom tips to help you return to pole dancing.

Can I Return to Pole Dancing after Pregnancy?

Yes, you can return to pole dancing after pregnancy and childbirth. However, how soon you return to pole dancing will depend on your health, body, and the type of delivery you had (natural or Cesarean section). I recommend speaking to your doctor, midwife, or medical service provider about how soon you can return to the pole.

Can Pole Dancing Help Burn Pregnancy Fat?

Yes, pole dancing can help you burn pregnancy fat because it is a form of fitness exercise. You’ll get better results when you combine your pole dancing class with pole fitness exercises like warm ups, Yoga, and Pilates. 

Please note that how fast you burn pregnancy fat depends on your body, its metabolic rate, how much fat you aim to burn, the exercises, and your current weight. Some new moms burn pregnancy fat faster than others. The most important thing is to do you and not benchmark against anybody else.

So, if you’re wondering the tips to help you burn pregnancy or postpartum fat and return to pole dancing, here are some recommendations.

Tips for New Moms Returning to Pole Dancing   

As a form of exercise and fitness, you should know that pole dancing after months of being away can be hard. While you have a recollection of the moves, your body may not be ready to take things in at the same pace you left off. These tips will help you become better at pole dancing after childbirth.

Start Slow and Listen To Your Body

The greatest advice I have for you is to start slow, like a beginner.

It is important to note that your body isn’t at the same fitness level as it was pre-pregnancy. This means that you need to gradually get yourself up to speed and in shape.

Your strength and endurance at the start will be shit – (pardon my manners), but you’ll surely get there.

There’ll be some times you’ll be disappointed in yourself, especially on occasions when your body betrays you by being too tired or too rigid to perform certain pole tricks. Take a breather, rest, and attempt them again.

Importantly, listen to your body and avoid over-exerting yourself. You don’t want to sustain an injury that will take you out for months – so, keep things gentle, slow, and steady!

Express Your Breast Milk Before Sessions

As a new mom, especially a breastfeeding mom, you’ll understand how hard and heavy your breasts can become, especially when it’s been hours since you last expressed the content. 

Approaching your dance pole at this point is a bad idea, especially because you’ll feel heavier, and your breasts will get in the way of certain poses.

The last thing you need is extra weight pulling you away from your goals. So, I advise that you express as much milk as possible to keep your baby or babies healthy and yourself light.

Go girl! You’ve got this!

Be Intentional About Pole Dancing

Being a mom can be stressful. You may sometimes feel there aren’t enough hours in the day to accommodate your needs. It’s worse if there’s no one to help with the chores.

However, now is more time to prioritize yourself and be intentional about pole dancing. I know babies can be unpredictable – they can also be a handful, especially when you’re trying to get work done.

Pay attention to your baby and build a schedule around them. You can sneak an hour or two to pole dance and prioritize yourself. The hormonal release, fitness, and flexibility from pole dancing will also help to boost your self-esteem and coping mechanisms.

Buy a Home Dance Pole 

With a baby in your hands, you’ll quickly find that buying a home dance pole is the best decision to make.

Paying for classes may not be advisable, especially as you’ll likely miss out on them (amounting to wasted money). Pool your resources and buy a home dance pole. This gives you higher flexibility and improves accessibility to the pole.

With a home dance pole, you may find yourself practicing even more than you expected. You can also sneak in some pole dancing sessions at odd hours with your home dance pole.

Get Support

Parenting is a full-time job. Sadly, parents don’t get paid for this selfless act of raising their kids. 

Returning to the pole can be difficult, especially because it’s a race against time and self. You’ll fail many times, but you’ll get better at it.

Having the right support in your partner, friends, family, and loved ones can ease the burden. You can reach out to your pole dancing friends for support as you return to the pole. 

Now is also the time to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Deal with your emotions to avoid transferring aggression from the pole to your baby or partner.

You must remember that it’s a learning curve, but it gets better with each practice session.

Set Postpartum Recovery Goals

It’s important to set goals – realistic ones – when returning to the pole after pregnancy and childbirth. 

You can start small by setting endurance goals to see how long you can pole dance for. This goal can also work hand-in-hand with flexibility and strength conditioning goals. 

As I stated earlier, listen to your body from the beginning to the end. Every day will be different, so you should take every day as a new day to become better.

Also, focus on getting yourself warmed up before starting each session.

Do Warm Up Exercises Before Sessions

If you don’t do this before, now is the time to pay attention to warm up exercises. Warm up exercises get your blood flowing and increase your body’s temperature. It also prepares your body for any stressful or strenuous tasks that you may want to engage in.

You can read our guide on pole dancing warm up exercises to get a hang of what to do and how to prepare yourself for each session.

Safety First!

While pole kisses may sometimes be unavoidable, injuries can be prevented.

A good way to protect yourself from pole dancing injuries is to practice safe dancing. This can mean buying crash mats if you don’t already have one. You should also ensure that your dance pole is properly inspected before each session.

Another pole safety tip is to wear appropriate clothing and shoes for each session. You can also improve your grip with this Homemade DIY pole grip recipe.

I salute you on the bravery of returning to the pole after the physical and hormonal changes that pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood brings. I want you to know that you’ve got this!

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