Pole Dancing After Breast Implants: Important Info & Experiences!

Pole dancing and breast implants are two separate desires and activities aimed at a similar endpoint – to make you look good, fit, and feel empowered in your own skin. But one procedure is more threatening than the other.

Whether you’re preparing for a boob job (a breast augmentation or breast implant) or you’ve already undergone the procedure, knowing when to return to the pole is essential.

Most online advice says to trust your body and seek medical advice. However, I’ve done the research you need to know about pole dancing after breast implants or breast augmentation.

So, how soon can you return to pole dancing after a boob job? At least three to six months. Waiting three to six months post-breast surgery is important because pole dancing requires upper body strength which contracts and places downward or outward pressure on your chest. The pressure may cause your implants to shift or droop over time.

A general tip is to avoid doing heavy upper-body reliant exercises like push-ups, burpees, aerobics, Zumba, lifting weights, running/jogging, or rock climbing for the first three to six months after your breast implants or boob job. You should also wear chest protectors if engaged in martial arts or kickboxing after this period.

What Type of Breast Implant Should I Get as a Pole Dancer?

Sub-pectoral, dual-plane placement of breast implants works well for most athletic persons, including pole dancers. However, you can also consider Subglandular implants.

Speaking to a qualified plastic surgeon about your options and medical recommendations based on your body and needs is the most important step toward choosing what’s right for your body.

Can I Continue Pole Dancing Before My Breast Implant Surgery?

You can continue pole dancing as normal before your breast implant surgery. Any activity before your boob job won’t matter or affect your surgery, but you should stay away from pole dancing or chest-focused exercises for at least three to six months after the procedure.

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How to Prepare for Breast Implant Surgery as a Pole Dance?

There’s little you can do to prepare for your breast implant surgery as a pole dancer other than maintaining a healthy diet of lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. Eating a healthy diet prepares your body for the procedure and accumulates proteins for improved repair and recovery.

Additional recommendations include getting enough rest before the procedure and avoiding upper body injuries that could compromise your appointment and healing.

Can Pole Dancing Affect Breast Implants or Breast Augmentation?

Pole dancing does not affect your breast implant or augmentation as long as you’ve waited to heal properly. Proper post-op healing can take three to six months, depending on the procedure, your body’s immune response, and complications.

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Exercises and Fitness Activities You Can Do Post-Breast Surgery

Pole dancers often nurse the fear of losing their core strength and ability to return to the pole. So, here are some exercises and fitness activities with timelines to do post-breast surgery.

  • 3 – 7 Days post-ops: Short indoor walks. Avoid stairs.
  • 2 Weeks post-ops: Longer outdoor walks and lower body exercises like leg lifts, lunges, and squats.
  • 3 Weeks post-ops: Try cycling, dancing, Pilates, and healing yoga classes but avoid chest-focused exercises like planking, downward dog, and upward dog.
  • 4 – 7 Weeks post-ops: Treadmill walks and jogs, elliptical, bike ride, spin bike or soul cycle. Avoid aerobics, Zumba, and lifting weights. Wear a post-surgical sports bra for better support.
  • 10 – 12 Weeks post-ops: Short-distance jogging (not running) with a high-impact sports bra.
  • 12 – 14 Weeks post-ops: Light Zumba or aerobics with a good high-impact sports bra. You can also try weight lifting, starting with low weights.

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Post Breast Augmentation Experience – Reader Update

I actually started pole dancing about 4 months post-op. My Dr gave me the ok to go back at it SLOWLY(meaning mostly dancing, floorwork, a few spins here and there) at around 3 months but I waited an extra month. During my healing time off from pole, I did alot of walking, stretching and floorwork stuff and just dancing with and around the pole–diff ways of walking around the pole sexy, body rolls, pirouettes, back slides, etc.

But you should really talk to your Dr about your poling and ask him what he thinks would be a good time that you can start getting back on the pole again. Make sure to explain to him that it involves a lot of lifting your own body weight, inverting, and using your upper arms and chest muscles to execute moves, so he can give you a realistic timeframe of when you can start poling again.

Real-life experience on pole dancing after breast augmentation

My friend had hers done, and iirc it was 8 weeks before her surgeon cleared her for pole, but she actually left it longer. She said even though she was technically allowed to do it, she didn’t feel like her body was ready for the demands of pole yet. Pretty sure she ended up at just shy of 4 months before she came back? I think she felt okay at 3 but waited a few extra weeks just to be really sure.

Real-life experience on pole dancing after breast implants

I started pole about 4 months after getting a lift and implants (under the muscle). I think this was a good amount of time for me but I was only taking conditioning classes then and nothing too crazy. Sometimes I feel like my boobs get in the way of doing things but that may just be because I’m still learning. Take your time.

Real-life experiences on pole dancing after breast surgery

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