🥳🎉Fun Pole Party Games For You & Friends 🥳🎉

Planning a pole party in your studio? Inviting your pole friends over? I’ve got you covered.

Finding the right games to make your event pop can be hard. So, these are interesting pole party games for your pole friends based on shared interests.

Let’s dive in.

9 Best Pole Dancing Party Games

Pole Music Roulette

This is a simple game you can play at the pole studio or at home (when hosting a fun event with pole friends).

It involves counting your guests and assigning a number from 1 – whatever number of guests you have. 

The first person plays their favorite song, and the next person after them has to do at least 30 seconds of pole performance to entertain the group.

Side Note: Number 1 plays music and number 2 dances. Number 2 plays music and number 3 dances, and so on.

Keep going until the last person on the list plays their favorite song for the first person to dance.

Pro Tip: The host should pick the first number so they can dance last.

Pole Trick Roulette

This is a simple and fun game when done right.

Get a piece of paper and have everybody suggest different pole tricks. 

Write each of the pole tricks into different small paper cuts and wrap them.

Throw your folded papers into a bowl and mix thoroughly. Then each person picks a folded piece of paper, opens it, and has to do the trick they’ve chosen.

It should be fun!

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Pole Relay Races

A pole relay race is fun and can be set to different difficulty levels.

This game is most suitable for a pole studio event, as you’ll need at least two poles and a lot of preparation to make it perfect.

Stick a couple of dollars, chocolates, or sweets on the poles from its mid-section all the way to the top. 

Split your party guests into two teams, line each team up facing their dance pole (with goodies attached), and time them (say 2 minutes).

Each team member must get to the pole, perform a pole trick and pick the nearest sweet, dollar, or chocolate. The next team member can only be activated by tapping in (WWE style).

Pro Tip: You can increase the difficulty level by setting rules that chocolate bars or sweets can only be caught using their mouths.

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Pole Charades

Pole charades can be done in two ways;

Pole Charade Method 1:

  • Split your guests into two teams. 
  • Each team will decide on a word and choose a member to act it out using a pole move.
  • The other team has a decided number of guesses to get the word right.

Pole Charade Method 2:

  • Get three bowls and label them Pole move, action, and emotion.
  • Give each guest a pen and three pieces of small paper. 
  • Each guest has to write a pole move, an action, and an emotion (e.g., Superman, Sexy, Angry) and return the papers to their respective bowls.
  • Randomize the bowl’s content and have each guest pick one paper from each bowl to act out on the pole.
  • The guest with the highest number of correct guesses wins.

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Balloon Pole Dancing 

Divide your guests into two or more teams, depending on the number of available poles and guests.

Put a balloon between each team member’s legs, and they have to run/waddle to the pole and make right and left spins.

Team members must return to their team’s line to “activate” the next person to complete their spins. 

The first team to complete the task wins.

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Pole Creativity Challenge

This game is simple and timed (30 seconds).

Each guest has to do a pole trick. 

Pole moves cannot be repeated, but pole variations or combined moves are acceptable. 

Anybody that repeats a pole trick is out of the game.

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Build a Routine

This is a perfect game to play for pole studios and instructors. It requires giving the guests a little heads-up ahead of the event.

Have your guests plan a perfect routine for their favorite song ahead of your event.

Make it easier by collecting their preferred song a day or two before your party so you can make a playlist.

Let each guest serenade others for 2 to 4 minutes (depending on their song choice).

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Pole Alphabet Game

This is simple, each guest has to perform a move whose name starts with the last letter of the earlier move performed.

For example, guest 1 performs Superman, then guest 2 performs any pole trick whose name starts with an “N” (Nosedive), and guest 3 performs a move starting with an E (Elbow hold), and so on.

Pro Tip: Moves can be repeated, or variations of moves can be repeated when necessary.

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The Floor is Lava 

The Floor is Lava is a great game for pole studios. 

Choose a song that’s 2- 3 minutes long. Students or guests are required to dance to the song without touching the floor.

During the song, each person has to keep performing aerial pole moves. 

The last person standing wins!

Hope you have as much fun as possible with your pole friends.

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