Putting a Dance Pole in Your Apartment? (How To Guide)

Having a stripper pole or dance pole in your apartment or home is a blessing. 

First, you get to practice your dance moves at any time of the day or night – eliminating the time constraint associated with your studio practice. Secondly, you get to stay in shape without feeling self-conscious, especially when practicing new moves.

But as most pole dancers and strippers are renters, it’s common to want to know if you can install a dance pole in your apartment, the downsides, requesting permission from landlords, and the best dance poles for apartments.

I’ll be addressing all of those concerns in this article.

Can You Install a Dance Pole in an Apartment?

You can install a dance pole in your apartment. However, you should consider a few factors like the apartment floor, ceiling type and height, space available, neighbors, and the type of dance pole to buy to ensure a satisfactory installation.

Factors to Consider Before Installing Dance Pole in Your Apartment 

The most important factors to consider before installing a dance pole in your apartment include:

  • Landlord’s permission
  • Ceiling type and height
  • Flooring 
  • Space requirement

Landlord’s Permission

Your landlord or property manager can influence your choice to install a dance pole in your apartment and the type of dance pole to install.

Some landlords are not particular about your dance pole as long as you agree to cover any damages to their property at the end of your tenancy.

Others may be a little harder to deal with. It’s better to discuss your interest in installing an apartment dance pole with your landlord or property manager and reach a mutually beneficial agreement. You can make things easier by adding a clause to repair any dance pole ceiling damage at the end of your tenancy.

Ceiling Type and Height

Most ceilings are made from smooth drywall, concrete, or popcorn finish. Each one has different strengths and responds differently to dance pole installation.

As a tenant, you don’t want to damage your landlord’s ceiling and risk forfeiting your security deposit or paying a huge amount for ceiling repair at the end of your tenancy.

In addition, smoother surfaces like concrete and smooth drywalls are easier to install a dance pole on than rough popcorn ceilings. You may also face challenges with slanted, sloped, or vaulted ceilings because they require a special mount to function.

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Your ceiling height can also affect your dance pole installation choice. Whether yours is a tall or short ceiling, consider the most appropriate dance poles for the apartment’s ceiling height.

Read my guide on dance poles for tall ceilings and dance poles for short ceilings.

Pro Tip: Rub strong magnets on your ceiling to find the beam. The magnets will stick to the nails on your beam, exposing where to install your dance pole.


Your apartment’s flooring can be tiles, wood, concrete, or carpet. 

Each floor type has specific considerations to ensure you get the best out of your dance pole. For example, carpet floors may require installing a crash mat around your dance pole for safety and to protect your dance shoes.

In addition, concrete floors, especially in spaces like garages and basements, should be flat and even to prevent the pole from slipping and falling.

Tile and wood flooring are a little better, but you may need a stage pole to prevent scuff marks or install a crash mat around the area to prevent splinters. You should also test the wooden floor’s integrity, as older floors are more prone to damage

Space Requirement

The two major space considerations are; where to install your dance pole and how much space you need for your dance pole

You can install your dance pole anywhere in your apartment, whether in your bedroom, right in the center of your living room, garage, or anywhere else. However, you’ll need between 4.5 and 5.5 inches of space from the wall or any other solid object.

Start by decluttering your space to know exactly where to put your dance pole. 

If yours is a smaller apartment, consider getting a removable dance pole. This way, you can disassemble the dance pole when you need more space.

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Best Dance Pole for Apartments?

I have two recommendations for buying a dance pole for your apartment.

  1. Tension Pole
  2. Stage Pole

Both poles are available from the top two manufacturers, X Pole and Lupit Pole.

Unsure about what to buy? Read our X Pole vs. Lupit Pole comparison for what to expect from both brands.

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