8 Highest Paying US Cities for Strippers (Make $2,000+)

Tired of the shitty pay, rude customers, and uncaring management at your present strip club? Looking to spread your wings and test the waters for better-paying cities that appreciate strippers? Been there, done that! 

I want a better life for all my girls, so I’ve dedicated time and effort to researching the highest-paying US cities for strippers. You’d be amazed at how much you could make each night/shift in these cities.

Let’s dive into it.

Los Angeles, CA

You probably guessed the “City of Angels” will be on this list, and rightly so. 

You could make anywhere between $300 and thousands of dollars a night, depending on the club you work at.

Some high-end LA strippers make over $100,000 a year

You’ll see a lot of plastic surgery and silicone here – so brace up!

Some common names include Spearmint Rhino, Tropical Lei outside LA county, Cheetahs, and Sam’s Hofbrau. There are a ton more you can set your eyes on.

There’s also a good chance you’ll get tens of drinks or cashback on those drinks to keep your pocket heavy at the end of the night.

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Houston, TX

Houston strippers make around $50,000 on average. You could make a lot more in upscale bars and strip clubs.

But although there’s stupid money to be made in Houston, the rules and restrictions can sometimes be high. 

Actually, the rules and restrictions are meant to increase competition among girls, ensuring that only the best and good-looking dancers make it to the top clubs.

Important to note;

  • Some top strip clubs may not hire you if you have lots of tattoos.
  • Clubs often require strippers to wear full bottoms and liquid latex or pasties on the nipples.
  • Some clubs require strippers to get a license to work (costs about $300).

You can always cover up smaller tattoos with makeup if you dance well.

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Miami & Palm Beach, FL

Miami isn’t only known for its great weather. The city also has deep-pocketed men – if you know what I mean.

Strippers in Miami make around $50,000 to $600,000 a year, depending on how upscale their clubs are.

I make around $650,000 a year, from working 50+ hours a week (most of that being 12+ hour shifts) + doing parties, in a year.

Some top places to get started are Gold Rush Cabaret, E11even, Cheetah Hallandale, Tootsies, and Scarlett’s. 

There are tons of other options to explore, depending on your boundaries. 

If you aren’t offering extra service, it may be worth staying away during the Super Bowl.

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Atlanta, GA

Atlanta strippers get paid a bag for their efforts. Some earn between $500 – 1500 per night, depending on traffic and club status.

Atlanta strip clubs are similar to Houston clubs in terms of restrictions and licensing requirements.

Some common and popular spots are Oasis, Pink Pony, Foxy Lady Lounge, Clermont Lounge, Cheetah, and Magic City, Onyx, Pin Ups.

You’re sure to get a lot of attention and traction here, especially if you’ve researched your market and chosen a fancy name and stripper aesthetics to stand you out.

PS: Cheetah and Pony are generally better for white customers, while black or mixed-crowd customers mostly prefer places like Magic City and Onyx. 

Do with that information what you wish. 

Important to note:

  • You need a dancer’s license for Atlanta. The license costs about $200 – 300. 
  • Club hopping is discouraged because you’ll need a license for every club you dance in.

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Portland, OR

Portland is one of those cities you’d never imagine would pop up on this list. However, it turns out the Northwestern City loves strippers and some kinks too.

High-end Portland strippers can make between $4,000 – 5,000 per month; some make a lot more or less.

The best part is you’ll get lots of drinks, stage tips, and advances – if you like that type of attention.

Please note that the competition can sometimes get stiff, so you may need to carve a niche for yourself to ensure the maximum attention and income.

New York City, NY

New York City is perhaps one of the common cities you expected to get mentioned first. However, due to the sheer population and competition, I’ve demoted it, but it doesn’t take away from the money to be made.

If you’re new to stripping, New York is probably not the ideal place to start off – except if you’re looking to grow tough skin before exploring other areas.

Some really good strip clubs and gentlemen’s establishments in New York pay good money.

High-end New York strippers make about $1,500 to $1,700 a week. 

But you’re likely to make a lot more in Queens, NY! 

Strippers in Queens often make between $700 and $1,000 a night on good days.

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Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas strippers are loud about their earnings, with some making as much as $30,000 a night on really good days.

The average Las Vegas Stripper, however, makes about $4,000 per week, depending on their shift and how much the club charges for dance and extras.

Tourists are also generous with tips and drinks, so you’ll likely get a lot more from these (if you’re the chatty type). 

So, be courteous, smile, speak nicely, and you’ll go home each night with a pocket full of $$$ bills.

Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ

It goes without saying that Phoenix, AZ and Arizona, AZ are homes to high net worth customers who are willing to pay as much as you demand – provided you play their game too.

As with any area with high net worth individuals, the stakes are a lot higher, so you may need to jump a few hoops and audition to get new roles.

You can always get ahead quickly by making friends and asking questions. You could also get recommended for open roles when clubs are hiring new girls.

Don’t mind if you’re offered a few shifts per week to start. You’ll soon prove your worth and lock in more clients and hours!

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