How Often Should I Pole Dance?

As a pole dancer and pole dancing instructor, I’ve been asked several questions, including how often should you practice pole dancing. The truth is it depends on several factors.

For example, a college student on Spring break will have more time than a full-time employee who’s bursting her ass off at work for 40+ hours a week. Do you see where I’m going with this?

As I always say, pole dancing is a deeply personal activity, and you should never measure yourself, move for move, against another. But it’s equally important to be disciplined by dedicating time and energy to pole dancing, as this is the key to fast and effective results.

So, in this article, I’ll try to cover as much as possible on the frequency of pole dancing practice sessions and how to determine what works best for you based on your level.

Ready? Let’s Go!

How Often Should You Practice Pole Dancing?

At least two to three weekly pole dancing sessions for 30 minutes – 1 hour each is recommended for pole dancers at all levels. With two to three sessions, you’ll gain enough contact hours to improve your experience, flexibility, and strength.

However, you may aim for more hours, especially as a beginner that’s interested in learning fast and catching up with others.

With enough contact hours at your pole dancing classes, you’ll be ready to own a dance pole at home in two to three months. Once you’ve purchased your dance pole, you can reduce your pole dancing contact hours to one hour for two to three sessions a week while practicing all you’ve learned for longer hours at home.

The combination above has proven magical for most of my students, especially because they get enough time to work on their pole dancing moves at home. Some students also admit that they practice better when on their own. This can be great for boosting their morale and goal-reaching.

Reader Update:

“I’m still a beginner (I’ve been pole dancing for about a year) & a couple months ago I went from once a week to twice a week & have immediately seen a massive improvement. I know I’d be better if I were doing it more but I cannot afford that money-wise or time-wise. I suggest at least twice a week if you want to see improvements.”

Reader Update 2: 

“I think once you start climbing/inverting, twice a week is a pretty good schedule. That way you’re building up strength and familiarity with moves so you can really ingrain them. But once a week is better than nothing – If you can’t make it to the studio more than that, you could try training other focuses at home. These could be things like forearm stands, shoulder stands, wheel pose, splits… Floor work flow. Another option is you could try chair dance.”

Reader Update 3: 

“I started with once a week, then went up to twice a week, now I’m up to 3 times a week. Each time I’ve started regularly adding another class, I’ve seen a huge improvement. I really feel like to make the progress I personally want to see in myself, I need to go 3x a week.”

Deciding How Often to Pole Dance a Week

Honestly, there’s no magic rule to deciding how often you should pole dance a week. We all know life can get crazy; you could have a couple of toddlers or be busy at work. One week, you may have 5 hours to spare, and the next – Zero! Zilch!! Nada!!

As pole dancers, we need to build a healthy outlook when it comes to pole dancing and the number of contact hours. The idea of “if I have time to rest, then I must pole dance” can hurt your progress and your health.

As a piece of general advice, I’ll say do what works best for where you are at present. But if you must know what works best. Then it’s this;


Beginners need more contact sessions to learn the basics of pole dancing. I recommend 3 practice sessions of 30 minutes to 1 hour per week. This gives you enough time to rest and recuperate as your body gets used to the intense activity that pole dancing is.  


Intermediates have gotten a hang of pole dancing and need to master a few more dance poses and tricks. I recommend two sessions of at least 30 minutes each per week to learn new things and improve your form and tricks. You can perfect new tricks and moves at home and show your pole instructor at your next class.


Being a professional pole dancer is harder than it looks, especially as it’s easier to lose your flexibility. I recommend at least three 30-minute contact sessions per week. This ensures that you don’t forget the key moves that make you a professional while keeping you flexible and ready to hop on the pole.

So, there you have it. I’ll keep updating this blog and others with reader’s updates as soon as they are shared with me. If you wish to contribute, use the web form on the Contact us page to send us a message and we’ll be happy to reply as quickly as you can.

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